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Cat Scat Fever

Carrie and Music Man are walking down the street, he with his ugly hat on again, and she with her zip-up sweatshirt over her big dress. He starts telling her that anything in the city can sound like a jazz riff, and gives the example of a garbage truck and makes some sounds that my closed captioning calls “scattin’.” Carrie giggles like she's trying to be polite. Carrie then tries “scattin’” and fails miserably, but at least she knows she sounds stupid. They get to her apartment building, and he makes some more “scattin’” sounds to describe her, and she is all, “Well. Doo-doo-doo right back at you.” What else do you say when some guy makes incomprehensible noises to describe you? Apparently, this move worked on Carrie, and they start to kiss, and she tells us that every second they were kissing, the more she liked him. I would hope so -- otherwise she should have stopped kissing him, don’t you think? Carrie then theorizes that “what ultimately defines a relationship is another relationship.” Would that be like compare and contrast? Like, compared to the first two episodes of the season, this one sucked, but at least Music Man isn’t as boring as CIM? While I ponder that, the scene goes black and the credits roll.

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