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Samantha is getting it on with a nice young doctor named Mark Raskin. He asks her to get him a glass of water so he can take some Viagra. Samantha gets a little concerned, and he tells her he takes it recreationally, so she runs off for the water, and the next thing we see is Samantha riding the doctor like a bucking bronco, yelling and moaning. I'm waiting for the doctor to have problems seeing colors correctly, and to not be able to lose his erection and end up in a lot of pain, like many men who take Viagra recreationally.

ACK! CIM and Carrie are walking down the street together, and CIM is wearing an XXXXXL blue shirt with an early seventies print on it, and it looks like he brushed his hair with his fingers and used the oil in his hair to slick it back. Carrie is wearing a lavender horizontal-striped shirt that is oddly pinched in the middle like it should accentuate her breasts, but the gathers are too high up by her neck, so it just winds up looks ridiculous. Carrie asks him why he is still single, and he answers by asking her why she is still single, and if the two of them can't figure out why the other is single I guess they really do deserve each other. She then asks him what his bad traits are, and he asks, "Alphabetically?" Yeah, A -- Accepting only non-smokers in your life, B -- Bad haircut, C -- Can't dress for shit, D -- Dog that humps other people's legs. Do I need to go on? She tells him she can't take the pressure of having a perfect relationship, and before she keeps babbling on, CIM kisses her. Now, it's been a while since I've been in the dating scene, but aren't the first few weeks pretty perfect for most relationships? Like, everything is just wonderful until you start to notice that the things that were quirky and cute have become annoying? Isn't Carrie still in her "honeymoon" phase of the relationship? ["It's been awhile for me too, but if memory serves, you're having too much sex the first few weeks to notice little peccadilloes like personality." -- Sars] Carrie asks him again why he isn't married, and he tells her to "go with the flow." "Go with the flow"? Huh? Carrie seems just as confused with that bit of advice, and tells him that she can't go with the flow because it is too seventies. Kind of like their clothes? He tells her his parents are coming to town and he wants her to meet them. She is flattered.

Carrie tells us that Charlotte decided to have dinner with her married friends, Amy and Dennis. As Charlotte sits down at the dinner table, she tells them that this is the year she gets married, and she tells them they can help her find her husband by fixing her up with one of their single friends. They suggest she meet their friend Phil, and she tells them she will call them tomorrow to follow up, and then tells them that she has tickets to the opera on Saturday and it would be a perfect first date. Charlotte is so funny that she makes psycho look cute.

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