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Charlotte is calling Dennis over, and over, and over, leaving messages about meeting her future husband Phil. If it was from anyone else but Charlotte, it would be scary and pathetic, but when she does it, it is really funny.

Carrie is at CIM's store, and she is wearing big hoop earrings with "Carrie" in cursive lettering going across the hoop. They're genuinely hideous. As she chews gum like a cow, she tells CIM that she has a deadline and can't make it to dinner that night. He asks her to go to breakfast with him and his parents, and she makes some lame excuse that if she meets his parents they will think she is great, and if they break up they will always ask him about her and she doesn't want that to happen, blah blah blah bad excusecakes, and then tells him that to her, meeting someone's parents is really big, and he finally gets the idea that she doesn't want to meet his parents. She also complains that they are too available to each other, so they decide not to see each other that weekend, because if they see less of each other they will miss each other more, and I think she goes over some more eighth-grade dating philosophy, and he just goes with the flow.

Charlotte and Carrie go to the opera together, and while they are in the lobby Charlotte calls Dennis one more time to leave a Dennis another message saying that he really messed up Phil's life by not introducing them, and this time Dennis picks up the phone and tells her that he was on a business trip and couldn't call her back. He tells her he will set up a meeting with her and Phil the next night, and after they hang up Charlotte feels silly for creating all that drama in her head. I think something else is going on in her head, and I don't think it is drama.

Samantha and the good doctor are in bed, and he takes a Viagra, and Samantha decides to take a pill too and see what happens. Carrie tells us, "Twenty minutes later, Samantha officially became the first woman to land on the moon," as Samantha is bouncing around on the doctor. He looks scared as Samantha starts howling.

And her howling turns into opera singing, specifically Aida, as Charlotte and Carrie, still chewing gum like a cow, are sitting at the opera watching the show. Charlotte gives Carrie her opera glasses and she starts looking around at people in the audience. She sees Mr. Big staring at her with his opera glasses, and Big waves at her. Carrie tells Charlotte she doesn't feel well and runs off. Big sees her leave and tries to catch her, but he misses her.

Carrie wakes up in the middle of the night and calls Miranda and tells her about seeing Big. After some more babbling, Carrie tells Miranda that she wants to be with a man who wants to be with her. Miranda tells her to tell that to CIM.

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