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Easy Come, Easy Go

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Easy Come, Easy Go

There are only so many ways to describe SJP in the credits, so I'm just going to give up. Y'all have seen it. Y'all know who is on the show. Let's move on.

So the show starts off with Miranda saying goodbye to some random cat that has appeared on her bed, and Carrie tells us in a VO about ending relationships but still having to live together until one gets a new place to live. Miranda walks into the room where Steve is sleeping on the couch with the puppy, and keeps whispering SSHHHH at the puppy until the puppy gets annoyed at Miranda for waking him up and starts whining, which wakes up Steve. They do the uncomfortable small-talk thing, which Carrie calls the "avoid each other break-up dance" and she tells us that Steve and Miranda have been doing the dance for the past three weeks. Steve apologizes for taking so long to find a new place to live, and he asks Miranda to look at an apartment with him. She agrees to go with him.

Carrie tells us it is opening day at the New Designers Showcase. Yippie Skippy! Carrie and CIM are moving a desk into a booth, and Carrie is wearing a see-through thin white blouse with ruffles around the buttons and collar, and hot pink bra. That's a perfect outfit to be moving furniture in, don't you think? Carrie tells CIM she is his roadie, and CIM tells her he has no road, only a booth, "so at best you're my booth bitch!" Uh, I didn't realize musicians had to have roads in order to have roadies. I guess I was wrong. Carrie seems to understand what in the hell CIM is talking about, though, and she is all, "Yeah, I'm your booth bitch!" and then CIM starts snuggling up to her and says, "Meow!" "Meow"? WTF?!! I think these two are like those twins that make up their own language that only they can understand. So Carrie starts waxing the desk with her ass, and they start kissing. Of course, kissing Carrie reminds CIM that he needs a cup of coffee, so he leaves to get them some.

Carrie watches him walk away and then looks around and sees Big and Natasha. She hides behind the desk while Big checks out the desk and Natasha tells him how ugly she thinks the desk is. Big notices Carrie behind the desk, so she stands up and explains to them that she's there because it's her boyfriend's booth, so she's serving as his booth bitch. Natasha looks justifiably horrified, so Carrie asks them if they would like to look at a catalog. Natasha tells her that CIM's furniture isn't their style, and Big, with a big bored look on his face, tells Carrie that they only like "teeny tiny furniture." Because there isn't enough tension in the air, CIM arrives with the coffee, and Big looks dumbfounded. Carrie tells Big and Natasha, "This is my big Seattle grunge wannabe boyfriend. Don't piss me off, or I'll have him sit on you and tell you to 'go with the flow' and have his dog hump you." Well, sort of. CIM asks them what their names are, and Carrie introduces him to Natasha, then "accidentally" spills coffee on Big so that she can get out of telling CIM who he is. ["Or so the writers can get out of revealing his name." -- Sars] That Carrie, so suave. I can't believe she's still single! Natasha takes Big away to clean up the coffee stain on his groin. CIM asks Carrie how she knows them, and she tells him she knew them in a past life. They hug. What a perfect couple, with the exception of the fact that Carrie has past relationship issues she refuses to come to terms with, and that CIM is a big hippie goon.

Carrie VOs that two hours later was the opening day party, and the alcohol was flowing. Big stumbles back to the Booth of Bitches all drunk. He asks Carrie where Paul Bunyan is, and she tells him CIM is doing business. Now we get a good look at the pants that Carrie has on, gray knickers with red handkerchiefs hanging off the sides. What a great ensemble to do business in -- if your business is recruiting clowns and hack magicians. I guess Big is too drunk to notice the bizarre outfit, and tells Carrie as he sits on the desk, "Oooh, he's a big un'. Where'd he learn to whittle like that?" Bwah! All hail the return of Big! Carrie asks him how much he has had to drink, and Big tells her, "Not nearly enough!" as he chugs the rest of his glass of scotch and slams the wet glass down on the desk. Carrie picks up the glass and wipes the water off with her hand. You know, there are still going to be water droplets on the desk -- maybe she should have used one of those handy handkerchiefs hanging off her pants. Big asks Carrie if Daniel Boone is a nice guy, and Carrie pointedly asks Big where his wife is. Carrie just can't keep up with the witty cracks. He tells her Natasha is at a silent auction for a beige chair. He tells her that everything in his apartment is now beige, and that "beige is bullshit." Now, see, I thought bullshit would be a deeper brown, not the light hues beige tends to come in. Carrie says, "I thought you wanted beige." No, I think he was looking for vanilla. Big asks her for a smoke, and she tells him she quit. Big decides to tell her a secret. He has a program rolled up and yells into the "horn," "It's not working. I'm getting out." And then he leans in and says all slyly, "If you know anyone whose interested." Carrie looks all disgusted and tells him, "You should really keep that to yourself. No one is interested in that information." And she stomps off. You know she wants him. Real bad.

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