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Easy Come, Easy Go

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Easy Come, Easy Go

Miranda goes home and finds a message on her answering machine from a woman asking Steve out on a date. She looks a little hurt.

Carrie finds a message on her own answering machine from Big, asking her to call him. She listens to it seven more times and has Miranda come over to listen to the message. As they are chomping on Twizzlers, they debate whether she should call Big back. After Miranda leaves, Carrie calls Big. Big tells her that he thought about it, and it will cost him a lot if he leaves Natasha so he is going to stay with her, and Carrie should forget what he said to her. She hangs up on him. Someone is a glutton for punishment…

Carrie and CIM are now lying around in bed, and CIM tells her she has cracks in her ceiling, and that her place could use some work. She doesn't really care about home improvements, as well she shouldn't, since that is her landlord's responsibility. CIM offers to strip the floors for her, and tells her it is quick and easy and she won't even notice he's there. What kind of floor stripping does he do that is quick and unnoticeable? With all the loud machinery and dust, CIM needs to go to all her neighbors and asking for permission to work on Carrie's floors.

Samantha and Bobby are at a health food restaurant, and they get little cups of wheatgrass juice. Carrie tells us in VO that Samantha got the idea of going there to eat from a healthy sperm website. They drink the juice, and Bobby tells her the juice tastes funky. Carrie tells us that Samantha had to fight the urge to tell him he didn't know from funky. Samantha asks the waiter how long it takes for the wheatgrass juice to work its way into the system. The waiter tells her it takes about an hour and a half. Carrie tells us, "An hour and a half, two wheatgrass shots and a ginger melon smoothie later…" Samantha is sitting on the ground with her back to a mirror, giving Bobby a hummer, and Bobby yells out that he is coming. Again, Samantha has an "ew, nasty" look on her face. I guess that was supposed to be funny.

Kyle and Charlotte are in a restaurant having salad, and Kyle doesn't like his salad dressing. He asks the waitress for another salad, and Charlotte puts her hand on his arm like his mother did and suggests the tomato and basil salad. Kyle goes into the "All righty!" trance, then tells her that his mother liked her and that she is a dream come true. He looks into her eyes and says, "Charlotte?" Charlotte's eyes get all big and she leans in and says, "Yes?" and as he is about to say something, the waitress comes with the new salad and Kyle starts eating. He tells her she always knows what he wants, and she puts her hand on his arm again and says, "Maybe we should get married." Kyle says, "All righty!" and keeps on eating. Charlotte sort of looks mortified.

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