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Easy Come, Easy Go

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Easy Come, Easy Go

Charlotte is at Carrie's door, looking shocked, and tells Carrie, "I'm engaged. I proposed to myself." She tells Carrie how she suggested a tomato salad, and then suggested they get married. Carrie asks what Kyle said, and Charlotte tells her, "'All righty.'" Carrie is all, "'All righty'? Now I'm thinking the upsetting thing isn't that you proposed, but that you proposed to a guy who says 'all righty'!" Yeah, because that is so much worse than someone who says "go with the flow." Oh, wait, it isn't. Pot(belly) calling kettle black? Charlotte is upset that there was no kneeling and no ring. She thinks it is an awful engagement story because it was so unromantic. Honey, you want to hear an unromantic engagement story? Let me tell you one. My now-husband and I went to St. Maarten and he bought me a lovely diamond ring. I asked him if we were now engaged, and he said no. So all week long I was wearing this ring, and I came home from vacation and went to work and everyone thought I was engaged, but I wasn't. My parents called me and asked me if I was now engaged, and I had to completely confuse them by telling them I had a ring, but my man had not proposed. The next weekend my man asked me if I wanted to go to this waterfall in the mountains, and I told him I wasn't interested because it had been raining all week and I knew it was going to be all muddy by the waterfalls. All weekend my man asked me to go to certain places in the mountains and I kept telling him I had no intention of going to the mountains because it was all muddy and buggy. Finally, he decided to open a bottle of champagne while I was taking a shower and propose to me in our home on Sunday night. After I got out of the shower, my best friend called me and I talked to her for over an hour, talking about how bizarre it was that I had a ring but no engagement. After I got off the phone, I decided to go to bed, but I needed to go downstairs to get something out of the dryer. When I came downstairs my man asked me to watch a movie with him on cable -- it just happened to be the first movie we had ever watched together. So I sat down with him and watched the movie, and somewhere in the middle of the movie he leaned over and asked me to marry him. I said yes, and he ran over to the freezer to get the two glasses of champagne he had poured for us almost two hours ago and had put away in the freezer while I was on the phone, and by the time we got to drink them they had become like slushies. So we celebrated our engagement -- finally -- with champagne slushies. I can't wait to tell my grandkids that little ditty.

So it is the middle of the night and Steve's puppy is barking outside Miranda's room, and she goes out to yell at Steve about the dog, and she finds out that Steve has not come home. Carrie tells us Miranda realized it was finally over. Later in the morning, Steve comes home, and Miranda is dressed for work and tells him that she took the dog out, coffee is ready, and she circled apartments in the Village Voice that she thinks are good for him. Steve tells her he thinks he should move out that day, and she agrees. She asks him to keep in touch, and then leaves. And thus endeth Steve.

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