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Gag me with a dildo-shaped spoon!

So the show starts off with Carrie looking out window into the rain and smoking. She tells us that after breaking up with Big and CIM, she decided it was time for a change of scenery.

Cut to the girls at breakfast and Charlotte telling them that she can't believe that they're all going to L.A. without her. Miranda tells her she can't believe she went on her honeymoon without them. I'm sure it would have been more entertaining with the girls along. Charlotte whips out pictures from her honeymoon, and Carrie tells us that Charlotte and Kyle spent ten days in Bermuda. Charlotte shows them a picture of them playing golf, and Samantha totally non-sequiturs about wanting the studio to have a limo pick them up because they are making a movie out of Carrie's column. Carrie tells her it is a small production company that only wants to talk about making the movie, and Samantha tells her she's just working on her L.A. spin. Whatever. Charlotte doesn't seem to really care and shows the girls more golf pictures. Miranda is so enthralled by the pictures that she just has to leave to take her cat to the kennel, and Samantha leaves to get her stuff ready; Carrie reminds them that their car to the airport will be at her place at one. Carrie and Charlotte are left alone, and they both ask each other how the other is doing. Carrie tells Charlotte that she told CIM about the affair and he broke up with her, and Charlotte tells Carrie that she and Kyle never had sex during their honeymoon. Carrie tells Charlotte that she wins. Charlotte tells her that they tried twice, but he couldn't get it up and got so frustrated, so they just played golf. I think they have it backwards -- usually the guy plays so much golf that the woman gets frustrated and won't put out. Charlotte wonders if he is impotent, and thinks he can't be because he is so gorgeous. Charlotte, haven't you seen those Viagra commercials? All those good-looking men are the faces of penile dysfunction! Charlotte wants to change the subject, so she asks what happened between Carrie and CIM. Carrie tells her nothing good, and the reason why she's going to L.A. is to get away from CIM and Big and the whole mess. Carrie asks her to go with her to Barney's to get a new pair of shoes for her trip, but Charlotte wants to stay and have another cup of coffee and tells Carrie to go without her. Carrie gives her a hug and leaves.

Carrie tells us that later that day, three New Yorkers arrived in L.A. Thank you, master of the obvious, because if you didn't tell me that, I would have been wondering for the rest of the episode why New York looked so different. They check into their hotel, but there's a problem with their reservations. They don't have a room for Miranda, and hotel is all booked up. They will have another room in a day or two, so until then Miranda needs to room with either Carrie or Samantha. She chooses to room with Carrie, and Carrie tells her not to complain about her smoking. The hotel guy tells her that the room she is staying in is on a no-smoking floor, and since all the rooms are booked she can't change to a different floor. Carrie is not happy.

Carrie then tells us that later that night they got all dressed up and were ready to party. The three of them strut outside and stand in front of the doors as Carrie lights up a cigarette, takes two drags, and puts it out, and they strut back into wherever they just walked out of. Oh, those wacky California laws prohibiting Carrie from smoking inside! Gee, I wonder if this is going to be an ongoing gag during her time in L.A.? At the bar, Samantha meets Garth, a dildo model. He tells her he is the number two model in the United States, number one in Canada. Samantha is all, "Gotta love that metric system!" Apparently, Canadians like their dildos, and they really like Garth. His pager goes off, and he tells her he has to leave. She asks if he has a dildo emergency, and he gives her an invite to the promotional party at the Hustler store to promote his newest dildo model. Samantha is intrigued. Meanwhile, Miranda is having witty small talk with a cute guy who thinks it is so great to talk to a smart and funny woman, but then he notices some model/wannabe-actress in a tight dress slink across the floor, and the guy totally bails on Miranda. Sucks to be you, Miranda! Carrie tells us that she was having a conversation with "one of the most ambitious and feared creatures in all of Los Angeles: the junior development executive." Sarah Michelle Gellar is talking to Carrie about how she loves her column because she can relate, or at least she thinks she will relate when she turns thirty. Ouch! SMG sees someone out of camera range and starts smiling and pointing at the person and yelling, "You! You are such a loser! You're a loser! You are, loser! I'm kidding!" Then she turns to Carrie and says, "Loser. Last year, pitched me nothing but shit, twenty-four-seven." Carrie seems to be swimming with sharks. Or is she going to jump the shark? SMG goes back to talking about how she and other girls are just like Carrie because they have all had their hearts broken, and tells her that the opening of her movie will be big. She then tells Carrie that she loves her shoes, and says that she has a big star interested in the movie and makes Carrie try to guess who it is. Carrie can't guess, and SMG keeps making her guess; she finally tells Carrie it's Matthew McConaughey. Carrie asks why he would be interested, and SMG tells her that MM is smart and wants to produce the film. She is going to meet him tomorrow at three.

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