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With friends like these, who needs frenemies?

Miranda and Carrie are walking down the street together; they talk about the fight between Charlotte and Samantha and decide they are going to stay completely out of it. Miranda asks Carrie if it is okay for her to go out on a date with Jim. Carrie gets all annoyed and tells her that Jim "needs to be voted off the island." Oh, I guess that was a Survivor reference/joke. One that was old and annoying, oh, say, two months ago? Miranda thinks that Jim has changed in the eight years since he dated Carrie, and since he is alive and asked her out, she really wants to go. Carrie still thinks he is an asshole. I think it is really out of Miranda's character to be willing to date someone just because they aren't dead. What happened to the independent woman with the vibrator in her night stand?

Charlotte is with Carrie, looking at sexy lingerie made of leather and see-through plastic, and Carrie tells us that in order for Kyle to see the sexual side of Charlotte, she was going to have to "dress the part." Charlotte puts some frilly thing up to her chest and asks Carrie what she thinks. Carrie tells her that what she is holding isn't a top, it's a bottom. Carrie wonders why she doesn't get lingerie from a more upscale shop, and Charlotte tells her she doesn't want to be herself, she wants to be someone else. She shows Carrie some crotchless panties and asks her what they say, and Carrie is all, "Uh, read my lips?" which I guess is supposed to be a put-down of the crotchless panties, but really, that is what Kyle should be doing, reading Charlotte's lips: She Wants Sex! And again, for a woman who writes about sex for a living, Carrie sure looks uncomfortable looking at funky lingerie. I guess she threw out the notion of writing about something she knows. Carrie tells her pointedly that Samantha would be better at helping her pick out lingerie, and Charlotte tells her that she needs a break from Samantha. Carrie tells her that Samantha didn't mean to be hurtful, and that there were two people fighting. Charlotte tells her she has enough problems and doesn't need a lecture from her. Carrie tells us that was the second lecture that week that didn't go well. That's what happens when you don't prepare!

Carrie tells us that Samantha decided to take a break from all of them and decided to go shopping. Samantha is looking at a scarf hanging over a rod and tries to pull it off the rod. Another woman pulls back on the other side, and they fight for the scarf, each saying they saw the scarf first. The woman, who looks like Samantha if she were in her fifties and about thirty pounds heavier with a southern accent, introduces herself as Claire Anne; she tells Samantha she likes her spunk, and that women like her are a dying breed. She offers to let Samantha have the scarf if she shows her where she can get a "hard drink in a dark bar." Samantha grins and is all, "Done, and done!" Because Samantha is all about getting things done.

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Sex and the City




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