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With friends like these, who needs frenemies?

Miranda and Jim are on a date, and things are going swimmingly. Miranda is still harping on the fact that her last date died, and the fact that Jim was still alive made the date a success. Jim gives her a little kiss, and he tells her that since he was with Carrie he has changed and is a better person. They decide to see each other again. I decide to pour myself a large glass of wine to deal with Miranda and her sick search for a living boyfriend.

Carrie tells us that Miranda called to tell her about her date with Jim. Carrie picks up the phone while she is washing hot pink bras in her bathroom sink. Why would anyone have more than one hot pink bra? They talk for a bit about how Carrie's first lecture was so bad that people asked for their money back, and she doesn't know if she is going to do another lecture like she told them she would do. To make Carrie feel better, Miranda tells her she went out on a date with Jim. Carrie is all ready to tell her "I told you so!" but Miranda tells her the date went great and that Jim is a wonderful guy. Carrie can't believe she is talking about the same man she dated. Miranda wants her to believe that Jim has changed so she tells Carrie to join her and Jim for a drink on Friday.

Carrie tells us that Charlotte decided to spend some time with her old friends from Kappa Kappa Gamma. All the women are in cardigans and Laura Ashley outfits, sitting at a hoity-toity restaurant. The girls all look at a picture of Kyle and gush about how handsome he is, and then talk about being married and how, when they were newlyweds, they never got out of bed. Charlotte downs her third martini and tells the girls that Kyle can't get it up and she is frustrated. The girls look on in disgust as Charlotte tells them that she wants to have a good pounding, where the bed moves and her head is about to explode from knocking against the headboard. They begin to look like they have the vapors as Charlotte goes on about wanting a really good fuck. Carrie tells us that "the only heads blowing off were those of Kappa Kappa Grandma." The girls tell her that what she is talking about is inappropriate since they are eating, and they don't know what kind of person she has turned into. Carrie tells us, "Charlotte realized how much they've all changed since college. Her friends had become frenemies. And to them, she had become…Samantha." Charlotte throws some money on the table and struts off, walking like Samantha would.

Samantha and Claire Anne are at a bar and toasting to being new friends. Samantha invites her to Samba, and tells her the reservation is for four. Claire Anne scans the bar and sees two guys sitting at a table and tells Samantha, "Done, and done!" Carrie tells us, "An hour later Samantha couldn't believe how much fun she was having. She had finally found a woman as open about her sexuality as she was." Samantha announces that the blonde guy is hers as she slides closer to him, and Claire Anne looks at the other guy, who sort of looks like Adam Rich, and yells out, "I could just eat you up. Yes, I could. I'm gonna eat you up!" and then she crawls under the table and starts giving the guy a blowjob. The blonde guy thinks it is great, but Samantha is embarrassed and knocks on the table and tells Claire Anne to stop. She doesn't, and Samantha leaves and yells back at Claire Anne that she can forget Samba. Carrie tells us that Samantha realized that she had a little bit of Charlotte in her. Aw, isn't that special? Even though Samantha and Charlotte seem like opposites, they really are like each other! Whatever.

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