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With friends like these, who needs frenemies?

Carrie then tells us that, after it was over, Charlotte called the one person who would appreciate it the most. Charlotte calls Samantha and tells her that Kyle fucked her. Samantha congratulates her and reminds her about Samba. She then asks Charlotte if she came, and of course Charlotte is too shy to say anything. Carrie tells us that, after spending time with their frenemies, the two of them remembered that they were friends.

Carrie decides that she is, in fact, older and wiser, and that she's going to keep her promise to teach a second class at the Learning Annex. This time there are only six women in attendance. Carrie is still clinging to her pocketbook, but this time she decides to do a "hands-on" type of class and takes the women to a bar to pick up men. Carrie tells one of the students that a guy is checking her out so she should go over and ask the guy for a light. The girls watch as she works it. Carrie then stops one guy and introduces him to one of the girls. Carrie then tells us that she made three matches that night and ends the show with, "Those who can't do teach, and those who can't teach, do." And those who can't do either write about it in a newspaper column.

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Sex and the City




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