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So Carrie tells us that NYC can be terrifying, but nothing is as frightening as bumping into an ex “before you’ve had your morning coffee.” So, what if you don’t drink coffee? Is it not as scary to bump into an ex then? Is it merely disturbing? Miranda is walking out of a coffee shop when good ol' Steve yells her name. Miranda almost does a spit-take of her coffee, but acts happy to see him. He asks her how she's doing, and she says her life is boring and asks him what's up with him. He guesses she didn’t get the invitation, and Miranda starts to turn pale and asks what the invitation is for. When he tells her he's opening up his own bar, the color returns to Miranda’s face and she gets all excited for him. He tells her the opening is next Saturday, and as he's telling her he would love to have her come to the opening, a cute blonde walks out of the coffee shop and joins him. Miranda starts acting all fake happy then as Steve reminds Miranda that she met Jessica before (in last season’s finale). Steve then reminds Miranda that the opening is next Saturday, and Jessica tells Miranda that “we’d love to see you there.”

Miranda is at her office, and she calls Carrie to bitch about Jessica using the term “we” like it is some taboo word, like how Jewish people can only say the word “Yahweh” one day a year. And there is some sort of “art” on the back wall of Miranda’s office that looks exactly like something I saw this week while watching Trading Spaces, where one of the interior decorator guys used pipes and thin pieces of wood and weaved the wood around the pipes so it sort of looked like a big basket pattern on the wall. I wonder if Miranda’s office set was done in forty-eight hours, using only $1000, and done by two set designers from another television show, while the Sex and the City set designers went to the other show to decorate a set there. Carrie is still half asleep and she tries to wake up as Miranda complains that opening a bar was her idea but she didn’t get any credit, and she's annoyed that Steve wasn’t as ambitious when he was with her. Carrie suggests that Miranda was his inspiration, and that he named the bar after her. Miranda tells her he named the bar Scout, after his dog. Which I think is a good thing to do, because you can have a falling-out with a significant other, but your dog is your buddy all its life. Miranda doesn’t want to go to the opening, but Carrie tells her she has to now that she and Steve are friends. Miranda asks Carrie to go with her, and Carrie says, “Well, of course. Absolutely. That’s what friends are for.”

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