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Great Sexpectations

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Great Sexpectations

Friday night date with Berger. Carrie is wearing her lingerie and tells Berger that he "looks hot" in his blue button-down shirt. He looks at her funny. Is she serious? Yes. She quickly orders two-for-one margaritas.

Char brings kosher wine to the rabbi, who slams the door in her face a third time. She knocks again, only to have the rabbi's wife tell her that her husband can't see her. Char says she thinks he can, then barges right in, announces that she's thirty-seven years old and "reproductively challenged," and she's waited twenty years to find this Jew she fell in love with, and she doesn't have time to play these games! Then she sees that she barged right in on Friday night services. The rabbi says, "All right! You want to be a Jew, you have to take a rest!" Because it's almost the Sabbath, the "day of rest." Char takes a seat to "watch and learn." Amen. She actually says "amen."

Sam is at Raw, hoping to fuck the hot waiter. Of course, every other woman there has the same goal. It's quite a low moment for Sam. She's lumped in with all the other horndog women. She's no longer special, she just one of the herd. It's a damn shame.

Mir comes home late, apologizing to Steve and Brady. Steve said the TiVo guy called and had to reschedule, but he poked around and fixed it for her. She pulls up the menu and sees Jules and Mimi and Biography waiting for her. She blurts out, "I love you! For fixing that for me!" Steve's face lights up, then falls, then he runs out to "a dinner thing." Mir is disappointed.

Back at Raw, the masses of horny women waiting to bag the hot waiter are dropping like flies. One by one, they push away from the table and file out, until only Sam and one other horny woman are left. Sam sips her noxious mushroom tea and tells the hottie waiter that she's fine for now, while the other horndog orders a raw key lime custard. As the waiter departs, Sam crosses the room and says that she doesn't know who she's dealing with. So can Sam buy her dinner and she can take the raw dessert home instead of the hot waiter? Horndog agrees. Score one for Sam. One new low.

Carrie and Berger arrive home from their date, drunk. "Drunkety drunk drunk," VOs Carrie. They bob out of the cab, weave onto the sidewalk, and make out. She is a "sex columnist," remember! Hope they don't barf!

Carrie makes a drunken display of herself, showing Berger her lingerie while unable to work the zipper on her skirt, and hitting him in the head with her shoe as she tries to don the marabou ones she just bought. Then she slapstickily wipes out. He slurs, "You okay?" before passing out.

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