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Hop, Skip, And A Week

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Hop, Skip, And A Week

So, as Carrie languishes in jury duty limbo, avec laptop, she ponders "trial separations... How can two people mired in the mess ever figure it out? Do we need distance to get close?" Carrie: WHY would you want to get closer to Berger? He's not that nice, he's wounded from the scrunchie thing, and he's trying to wound you. Drop it and move the hell on.

Miranda walks into a meeting a few minutes late, and is surprised to learn that the meeting isn't about the MacKenzie file, but rather about her. She's been late, and mishandling her case load. Miranda smiles and says to her female co-worker, "Way to watch my back. Where I'm doing a bad job is at home. So if you'll excuse me...and may I remind you that when my mother died, I was back in the office on Monday." Wow, I think Miranda could totally have a case against her employers if they try to fire her. I have a friend who keeps a file of everything objectionable that her employer has said to her, about having children or other employees becoming pregnant. It's so outrageous. You know, like "if you ever decide to get pregnant, give me a little notice." Why, so you can fire her ass before she even conceives? That's so illegal.

Sam sips a milky-looking cocktail and hails Jerry. She's drinking an Absolut Hunk! Her honey is a cock-tail! Ew, it's milky. That's so blatantly obscene. And not at all appetizing. Jerry is wearing a knit cap, hiding out. Sam pulls the hat off so "people can see" him. Jerry isn't happy with all the vodka-related publicity. "My sober friends are mad at me for shilling booze, my acting class thinks I'm a sellout, and my mom is running to every grocery store in Seattle hiding magazines so my grandmother doesn't see my dick." Sam counters, "Drunks, nobodies, prudes." So, now even his own GRANDMOTHER can't see his cock? And we, the audience of a show called Sex & The City, which features female nudity regularly, also don't get to see it? So, we're just like a grandma in Seattle? Thanks. Thanks a lot. Jerry would be happier, but he's not getting auditions and "nothing's happening." Then, Jerry gets toasted by ten or so smiling gay men, all sipping milky cocktails. Ew. Well, at least it isn't dripping off their chins. Sam purrs, "First come the gays, then the girls, then the industry." Oh, boy.

Charlotte's on another blind date, this time with a gay man. He suggests they drop the pretense since they both know he's gay, and the only person who doesn't know he's gay is his mom. And his type? The Absolut Hunk. God, that placement is getting a lot of screen time. I mean, good for them, yay vodka, glug glug glug. Char says that A.H. is straight, and he says his brother will be so disappointed. Oy.

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