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Hop, Skip, And A Week

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Hop, Skip, And A Week

And speaking of oy, Char goes to synagogue and runs into a Jewish mother who hasn't had a chance to properly foist her offspring onto Char yet. The next single-and-mingle night, okay! And her son is indeed handsome -- she shows Char, and us, a picture in her wallet -- so maybe it'll work.

Miranda rushes through the door, screeching, "Is he awake? Is he awake?" No, Brady went to sleep about an hour ago. Mir sits down, fighting back tears, and gets to work on the MacKenzie brief. God, that would suck. Babies are so great.

Carrie shops at Century 21, wheee! In a horrible gray-checked smock thing, booo. Her pink sparkly phone rings, and it's Big! Calling from a golf course, he growls that he's with two men in plaid pants and he's holding a nine iron. She says she just scored an Anna Molinari dress and a Dolce kimono. Sweet. Big asks how "Hot Dog" is, and Carrie says good, but that they're on a break. He's all, "A break from what? You?" Carrie says a break can be good, and reminds him that he moved to freaking Napa, for god's sack. Big says, "You're breaking up!" Carrie protests, then he says it's her cell phone that's breaking up. Then she VOs that "with an armful of discount clothing, [she] realize[s] [she] can't discount her feelings." So she rents a car to drive up to the Hamptons. Except she only drives out of the garage, stops, then backs right back into the garage.

Carrie hashes it out with Miranda. It's not working, why is it so hard to admit that? Been there. Been there this week, actually. I just broke up with my boyfriend. And it was so hard, because he's a great guy, and smart and funny and all that, but it just wasn't working out. So, yeah -- when people had issues because I omitted that plot point from the recaplet? Imagine the lump in my throat when I tried to write it. Told you there were parallels.

Miranda meets with her boss and asks to "cut way back, to fifty hours a week. Fifty-five tops." Then she goes home and puts her baby to bed. There's the funniest shot of Brady's mobile, with her face pasted onto each sphere. Miranda is trying to "be around" for her baby. Hee.

Jerry sees graffiti on his poster: ABSOLUT ASSHOLE. Great, all of New York thinks he's an asshole. Well, what about all the people who graffitied JESUS SAVES onto elevator brass and phone booths? Are they the majority, too? Sam tells him to develop a thicker skin. He says it isn't working out, and he's leaving. Sam commands, "Stop right there! You don't get to bail at the first bump in the road! It will get better." Jerry asks, "What if it doesn't?" Sam barely frowns. Oh no! Sam can't doubt herself over PR! It's like God not liking a rainbow, or a squirrel finding a nut not totally delicious! Sam! Buck up! Just then, a gaggle of schoolgirls sees Jerry, screams, and swarms. Aiieee! The hunk guy! Yeee! Blaarrgh! Skreee! Sam smiles, Jerry accommodates them, and Carrie VOs that a week later, Gus Van Sant offers Jerry a part as a hustler in his latest movie. So yeah, that plot point is wrapped, baby.

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