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I Heart NY

Carrie and Big are having wine. One box he left for the last moment of transport is his records and turntable. Carrie is shocked, and makes fun of the antiquity of some of his records. Jeez, did she never look at his record collection when they were together? She makes fun of Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Mancini. Now, since Carrie is a fashion hag and not a film buff, I can spare the rod for this one, but seriously, no appreciation for Mancini? The guy is huge, and has tons of great songs that span a wide range. Big puts the Mancini on the turntable, cued up to "Moon River." Wow, this takes me back to when I was at Circle in the Square and my scene partner, a big lug of a guy that looked like a boxer from the 1920s, took this sheet music to singing class and NAILED IT. He sang this song so beautifully, it blew everyone away. And, you know, a little movie called Breakfast at Tiffany's? Starring a beautiful woman who was a muse to Givenchy and a few other designers, maybe one of the first actresses to also be a clothes hanger? "Moon River" was in that movie, which also featured a certain city in a particular light. Which was also written by a guy writers should know about. Carrie. BRADSHAW. So don't call it corny, ya know-nothing bum. Big calls the song "classic," and recalls that his parents used to put this on before heading out on the town. Oh, wow, PARENTS perform that ritual of revving themselves up with music, too? Yikes. Big extends a hand to Carrie, pulls her up, and they dance together. Then the record starts to skip, interrupting their intimate moment via an irritating, oft-used device. Carrie pulls herself away, saying that Big owes it to "us," meaning New York City and her, to go out with a big splash. So Sunday night, they have a date. "Don't disappoint us, meaning" Carrie and Big. Wow, she includes others in her grandiose ideas! Is our girl growing up? Nah.

Over breakfast with the women, Carrie shares the news. Sam wonders where people go when they leave New York. Miranda says, "The real world?" Hee. Sars went to Toronto! ["I came back, though. I don't think that counts." -- Sars] In Philly, when people leave, they go to San Francisco. Or New Jersey. Carrie asks her friends' permission to fuck Big one last time. Miranda says no. "Okay, Quick-Draw, give it a second here!" Oh, Carrie. If you want to fuck the guy, just go ahead and do it. Do you really need approval from the committee? And what is with that gold pretzel necklace? Miranda still says no, bless her. Char asks if having sex with him again won't pull Carrie back into "all that Big stuff." Carrie ask that her homegirls give her a little credit, because "this isn't two years ago." Really? That bob sure is. Carrie pontificates some more about how Big is "a great man in [her] life, and he's leaving!" Oh, gawd. Miranda chirps, "Use a condom!" Hee. Sam intones that "this love stuff is a mothafucker." Love? Did she just say love? She sure did. Her name is Samantha, and she's "a loveaholic." Say it with them: "HI, SAMANTHA." Twelve-step jokes are also two years ago, people. Char says she always thought Car and Big would "end up together." Mir is all, no way! She thought Car and Aidan. Car is all, "This is very informative!" Oh, who cares -- it's the journey, people, not the destination. Gong.

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