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I Heart NY

So, we're in Central Park at night, with Carrie and Big in a buggy. The horse goes "clop clop clop clop." Big calls the buggy ride "corny." Seriously. Carrie gets all squinty and murmurs, "New York. Nyoo. York. Aren't you gonna miss it?" Big says nah, but he will miss her. They move in for a kiss. Woo! Then Carrie's cell phone rings. It must be the baby. Carrie struggles with her Jamin Puech bag (god, I love those bags) and answers it. Yup. Mir's in labor. Big bribes the buggy driver with $400 to drive them to 99th and 5th, stat. The horse clops faster, and soon they arrive at the hospital, which is so totally just a sidewalk across the street from the park. Carrie says goodnight, Big winks, she melts, then hops inside the building. Arrivederci, Big.

Mir is pacing inside her hospital room, trying to induce water breakage. Carrie is all, "You will do anything to prevent me from having sex with Big." Mir says Carrie looks pretty. Oh, Jesus. Finally, Mir remembers she's the one having the baby, and urges Carrie not to let anyone get "all cheerleader-y" on her, because she hates that "rah-rah, push-push shit." Hee. Mir's water breaks all over Carrie's new shoes. Carrie says it's okay. And the labor continues into lunch hour...

Be-wigged and white trench-coated, Sam follows Richard with a little stealth and a lot of slapstick. She scrambles into a cab and screams, "Follow that car!" Cabbie is all, "Are you fucking kidding me?" Hee. "Just GO," says Sam.

Sam sneaks into Richard's apartment and catches him in the act of going down on some nubile brunette. He looks up, with a glistening upper lip, and says, "It's just sex!" Sam is crushed, and smashes the framed hearts still lying against the bedroom wall, saying, "Now your heart's broken too!" Aw.

Labor. Carrie is wearing her scrubs, which are falling off her shoulders. Nice bra. Is that sanitary? Mir is stoic and strong. One nurse is too exuberant and needs shushing -- twice. Mir pushes with her feet on Steve's shoulders, looks into Carrie's eyes, and with a gasp, boom, pushes out the baby. Yay! Steve points out that the baby has "ten fingers, ten toes, two balls." Steve is psyched. And hands the baby to Carrie first, then Miranda. Explain to me why Carrie got to go first. Oh, right -- she's the center of the universe. Mir says she wants to name the baby Brady, now. As in Steve's last name. Steve starts to sniffle, and Carrie shakes her head "no." Aww!

Carrie comes wheeling out in her baby-birthin' booties, and tells Char the good news. Then she dashes off to try and catch Big. Um, remember the cell phone in the Jamin Puech bag? Carrie doesn't. Sam walks up, still be-wigged, and says bitterly, "Just what the world needs, another man." She and Char go off to see the baby.

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