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Carrie tells us that New York shelters all the poor and hungry yada yada people who get thrown out by the "ruling class," and she finds it ironic that her building is going co-op. Wearing an outfit that Patricia Field stole from Rainbow Brite, Carrie walks into her apartment and tells CIM, who is cooking, about her building. He just wants to know whether she got tomatoes. She complains that she has to move now, and CIM asks her why she doesn't just buy the apartment. Yeah, sure -- Carrie spends thousands of dollars for shoes, pocketbooks, and horrendous outfits every month; I'm sure she has a few hundred thousand stashed away in case she needs to buy real estate in the city. Carrie tells him that she just charged tomatoes and isn't in any position to buy an apartment; CIM tells her that he is. When she finds out he has more money than she thought, Carrie is intrigued and comes on to him. CIM offers to sell his place, buy her place and the place next door, and tear down a wall between the two apartments so that they can live together. Uh, what if the place next to Carrie's isn't for sale? And he just invested in a bar -- how in the world would he have another half million or so to buy two apartments and pay for the demolition of a wall and subsequent decorating to make the two apartments look like one big apartment? Carrie wonders whether he would be her landlord or roommate, and asks what the rent would be like. He kisses her with the passion of a catfish. Carrie starts wondering, to us, whether it would be a good idea -- since, you know, they're in love (as if!), and he spends almost every night with her now, and moving would be "a pain in the ass." Yeah, that's good. Put your boyfriend in major debt because you don't want to bother to find a new place.

Speaking of "a pain in the ass," Charlotte is now getting hormone shots in her ass, as we see a body double getting a syringe in her butt. You know it is a body double, because the body is super thin and has almost no ass to speak of. Now, don't go off on me. Kristin Davis has a great body. She has perfect proportions, and a fine ass. The body double had a Kate Moss-looking body, meaning there wasn't much body and no curves. If I were Kristin Davis, I would have insisted the producers hire a body double, too -- who would want to have take after take of someone putting a needle in your ass? Trey is giving Charlotte the shot and tells her he doesn't approve of it. If he doesn't approve, why is he doing it? He thinks they should go back to the "old-fashioned" way of making a baby, and she tells him that it won't work that way. He reminds her that there is a chance, and that is good news. She asks him whether he would tell a patient who had a 15% chance of living that it was good news. He gets the point, and she tells him that is why they have to do in-vitro, and that some woman named Peggy told her that it took Peggy seven years to conceive in-vitro. Trey asks who Peggy is; Charlotte tells him Peggy is a woman she met in the elevator, and then tells him that there are six couples in their building who went through in-vitro. Trey wonders whether Charlotte put up a flyer in the lobby saying, "We're barren, how about you?" Which I can totally see, with a picture of them looking all sad. Charlotte tells Trey that they aren't barren, they are "reproductively challenged." Yeah, so are the writers. They can't seem to reproduce the good writing and story lines from the first two seasons. While they talk about Peggy and the other "reproductively challenged" couples, they're taking about seventy-two big pillows off their bed. My mother was watching the show with me and commented, "No wonder they can't get pregnant. They can't find the bed!" Charlotte then tells Trey that Peggy invited them over on Friday to talk about their experiences. Trey reminds Charlotte that the Scottish Society Highland Fling is that night, and that since it is a family tradition, they must attend. Charlotte then asks when Trey wants to see Peggy. He tells her that he doesn't want to see her at all; he is a doctor and knows all about in-vitro -- that it is very invasive, has a low success rate, and can take years to work. If he knows about all this stuff, how come he doesn't know that there are a number of procedures they can do before in-vitro? Charlotte understands that, and tells him that is why she put their names on a wait list for a Mandarin baby. Is "Mandarin" a new term I haven't heard about? I always thought it was just "Chinese."

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