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Carrie tells us that Miranda “realized she needed a shitty black bra to go with her shitty black dress.” Miranda is in the lingerie section of a department store looking at bras when a saleslady asks if she needs help. Miranda tells her she's looking for a bra in 36A in black. The saleslady tells her she doesn’t look like a 36A and puts a tape measure around her chest, much to Miranda’s unhappy surprise. Miranda tells her she has been a 36A all her life so she knows the woman is wrong. The woman gives her a bra sized 34B and tells her to try it on. You know, a woman at Victoria’s Secret did that to me. You know what happened? The bra was too tight around the back, and too big in the cup. Sometimes a woman really does know what size she is. But not Miranda! Oh, no -- the writers have to make her look even more sad than she already is by having her realize she has been wearing the wrong bra size all her life. Miranda is in the dressing room when the saleslady asks her how everything is. Miranda yells out that everything is fine, and Carrie tells us that since Miranda was fourteen, she had had “a strict no-visitors policy in the dressing room. Although her mother never observed it, and neither did [the saleslady].” Neither did my mother, until she opened a dressing room door on me once, and I screamed in horror when I saw that there was a teenaged boy standing behind my mother, waiting for someone in another dressing room, and he saw me in my underwear. The saleslady marches into Miranda’s dressing room and starts to adjust the bra Miranda has on as Miranda tells her she doesn’t need any help and to get her hands off her breasts. Saleslady tells her she “isn’t being fresh,” which makes me think of the old joke: Did you hear about the fight in the bakery? Two donuts got fresh! But I digress. Saleslady tells her she thinks she knows what is best, and Miranda yells out, “No you don’t! I think I know what’s best for me!” Carrie tells us, “Suddenly Miranda realized she would never have another fight with her mother again.” Miranda apologizes to the saleslady and tells her that her mother just died. The saleslady comes toward her to give her a hug, and Miranda keeps telling her she is fine, and then lets the saleslady hug her and she hugs the saleslady back. Carrie tells us, “And there behind the curtain where no one was looking, Miranda found a kind of support that actually fit her.” Miranda then turns around and looks at the mirror and tells the saleswoman she was right and the bra is perfect, and she thanks her. I go for my second tissue so far, because the scenes with Miranda dealing with her mother’s death are so fucking good.

Carrie walks into her apartment and finds CIM there with a present her for her: A new blue iBook and a zip drive! CIM shows her the handle on the laptop and tells her it's like a little purse. Carrie tells him it is a very expensive purse. Honestly, don’t you think she has designer purses that cost more than the iBook? Carrie doesn’t look too pleased and tells her she isn’t ready for a new computer, because her whole life is on the old computer and she wants that one back. CIM finally gets a hint that it's all about her, and he isn’t really a part of her life. He starts complaining that she doesn’t want his computer and doesn’t want him to go to the funeral with her and tells her he feels like “a fucking…” we don’t know what, because Carrie interrupts him and yells, “I gave you my keys, what else do you want?!” CIM looks shocked and pissed off and yells back, “Your keys? Great! Now I can get into your front door! How do I get into there?” as he jabs his finger into her chest. Carrie apologizes and tells him that she has been taking care of herself for a long time, and that's how she deals with things. He puts the receipt for the computer on her desk, then takes her keys off his key ring and leaves. If Barry Manilow and the tech guy can’t get him to realize that a relationship with Carrie is a slow painful death to his soul, you would think this last exchange with Carrie would open his eyes.

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