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Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little

Now we're at an Indian restaurant. I can tell by the guy with the sitar. It's the one between 1st and 2nd Avenues with all the lights hanging from the ceiling. You may have seen it on film before. ["It's called Rose of India, if anyone's interested in making a pilgrimage, but Brick Lane a few doors down has much better food." -- Sars] Mir is ending a successful date with a peep Char hooked her up with. She offers coffee at a place around the corner, and he says he has to call it a night. She laughs and says it's okay. "You're just not that into me!" He denies it. Mir insists, with a smile on her face. "It's okay, you don't have to lie!" He looks serious and says he isn't lying. Mir challenges him to "just be a man!" He does, and after a heavy pause, he says he "has diarrhea." Then he takes quick, tiny steps away, holding his bum.

Carrie and Berger are still at their uncomfortable dinner. She babbles fiercely about devices she loved in his book. He looks pissy and nasty, and takes huge bites from her little chocolate soufflé. He doesn't say anything, just seethes and eats. Finally Carrie shuts up and pushes her dessert towards him so he can finish it off. You know, even though I hate the way he's acting, I kind of feel for him. And I don't know what Carrie can do to get herself out of this hole.

Char, in a really cute black dress with white collar and apron, puts the finishing touches on her first Shabbat dinner. She calls to Harry, and he comes in. "What's all this?" She dashes off to get the candles, and he flips on the TV. The Mets are playing the Phillies. WOW, that is such a total shout-out. I know two of the show's writers are from Philly, too. The Phillies-Mets rivalry is fierce, baby. You see the best fights in the stands when they come to town. Any New York team gets it when they come to Philly. Why? 'Cause we're mean. You need proof? Philly booed Santa Claus and Destiny's Child. Hey, Sars loves baseball. Shout-out? Anyway, Char asks the Harry turn off the TV, and he mutes it as she says the prayer. He looks exactly like a little kid, peering around at the forbidden TV. Char says the prayer beautifully, then says she was thinking about blessings. She sees Harry looking over her shoulder. She then gets a little upset that he only muted the sound. She says she "gave up Christ for him, and [he] can't give up baseball?" She "went to Zabar's every day" for this dinner! What a hardship. I'd go to Zabar's everyday just for the whitefish. She says she had to make thirty matzoh balls just to get four that were the right size and shape. Plus the months of studying to convert! She gets hysterical. "Set the date! Set the daaate!" Harry says she sounds crazy. But she isn't done. "Do you know how lucky you are to have me! Do you know what people say when they see us!" Damn, Char's gone crazy. Harry says she knows what people are thinking, but he didn't think she was one of them. Ooh, burn. Harry puts down his napkin and says he doesn't need this, and he's leaving. Then as a parting shot, he turns and says he can't believe he bought a ring. Oof. Char, you blew it. You so totally blew it.

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