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Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little

Carrie and Berger walk home from their uncomfortable dinner. She's still trying to compliment his book, and mentions a scene she liked, and Berger says, "That is so lame." She denies it. "No," he says. "What you're doing right now." Seriously. She just loved his book so much! Then they're at her door, and he says he wants to call it a night and he'll call in the morning. Carrie is all, "What?" He walks off. She VOs that this is not a time "when a woman should shut the fuck up." She runs after him in her four-inch stilettos and says she knows he's pissed. "You can't just shut down like this!" She says she would want him to tell her if he thought she made a mistake. He says, "Really? Nice hat." Oh, boy. And word. She slips it off and turns and walk away. He calls her on her exit. She says her hat is "fabulous...fabulous," and that he just wanted to hurt her feelings. Well, what was he supposed to do about her scrunchie comment? "Hop in [his] time machine and go back and fix [his] book?" Carrie says that this is about more than just the scrunchie comment. Berger agrees. "It about that [his] book is a big fat fucking failure!" Carrie is taken aback. "What?" Berger already feels like shit, and Carrie "trying to pump [him] up all night isn't helping." Carrie steps up to him and covers his mouth with her hand. He's a beautiful writer, she says. She loved his book and she loves him. And she's not going to let him make a joke right now. She uncovers his mouth and he says, "Then [he has] nothing." They kiss, and she leads him by the hand up to her place. The VO? "Saying I love you is easy. What comes next? Is a little scrunchier." Urgh.

Char steps off the elevator and walks sadly by her mezuzah. Harry hasn't called in two days, except to say he'd be sending someone over for his TV. Carrie VOs, "Just what New York needs, another single Jewish woman." Oy.

Morning. Berger and Carrie make cute in the bathroom. He wants to wash his face. She gives him access to the sink, and sees he has a scrunchie in his hair. She asks where he got it, and he asks if "Macon, Georgia wants to try it on! It'd look so cute!" Carrie giggles and squeals and dashes off and crisis averted -- for now.

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