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Carrie stands atop a curved metal staircase and gazes onto a huge empty room. Violins swell. She VOs that there is a day that "even the most cynical New York woman dreams of her entire life." Down on the floor, Char's friend Anthony says he can make "everything white, white flowers, white candles, white tablecloths, white food, W-H-I-T-E white!" The day, Carrie VOs, is "a girl's book party." Sam smiles and tells Anthony that this is a "sexy party," and not to be afraid of color. Anthony says he isn't afraid of anything. "How about pink?" How about it? Carrie waves her hot-pink organizer, and Anthony dashes off yelling, "PIIINK!" Sam says she's going to finalize the guest list, and dashes off also. Carrie tilts her head at the giant poster of her that sails by (the one she posed for in last week's episode) and says, "When your career is going well, it's hard not to get a big head." Sure. Hasn't Carrie's head always been big?

Miranda slides a photo of Brady into her desk organizer, obscuring her card that reads "Partner," and answers the phone. It's Walker Lewis, that hot government guy she banged last season! She says she's glad she wasn't waiting for his call, and he says he's glad she remembers him. And that he remembers her -- naked. Mir perks up more than she has all season at the purr in his voice. She offers to take him as her plus-one to Carrie's book party, and hooray, Mir has a date!

Charlotte steps off the elevator in her building with a boyish-looking man, a Justin Someone The Third. He's walking her back home from "another lovely lunch," and as they kiss, a mean nosey neighbor opens her door and poops all over Char's good time. Char says, "Nice day," and Poopy Neighbor says, "It was." Char whispers to Justin that she's "one of the nicer ones."

Carrie VOs that she's in a new relationship herself -- with her publisher, Amy Sedaris (a.k.a. Courtney). Courtney is throwing a spaz because the buzz about Carrie's party is good. "People actually want to go to this book party!" A rarity, I guess. Except not. Who doesn't want to go to a party? Everyone loves parties. People rarely read. But they always go to parties. ["Please. The publishing world would go to the opening of an envelope -- free food and booze, don't you know." -- Sars] Courtney says that "all of Condé Nast is coming, even GQ, and that's actual straight men!" The better to speak lines to, my dear. See what I did there?

Just then, Ron Livingston pops his head into the office. Wow, looks great! Really scruffy and writer-y. I have a real spot in my heart for Office Space; it was so funny and true. Ron, you're all right by me. He apologizes for barging in, and says he just stopped by to use the Xerox machine. Courtney, who looks like she doesn't much care about Ron, asks if he's finished his second book. No, his "suicide note." Carrie laughs. Ron asks if she'd like a "save the date card." Carrie says, "Please." Courtney asks, annoyed, if they know each other. Carrie looks expectant as she shakes her curls "no." Carrie, meet Jack Berger; his novel was published last year. Carrie is all, "And your name is Berger?" Yeah, he never heard of you, either. Jack wrote a "hilarious comic novel that speaks to men the way [Carrie's] column speaks to women." Jack adds, "Except men don't buy hilarious comic novels, that's the flaw in the plan." Well, maybe not straight men. Somewhere in Paris, David Sedaris is laughing at this -- all the way to the bank. And the name of this book? "Half off, it's just...half off. Sometimes it's seventy-five cents in a box on Sixth Ave." Carrie laughs, "Next to the incense." I would have said, "On an old blanket." Courtney says that the two of them should talk, since Jack knows the deal -- "the parties, the signing, the reading, the tour." Carrie smiles beautifully. I love her rhinestone necklace.

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