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Char takes off her bra to sleep with Justin -- for the very first time! Aww, first sex. In her very own apartment! In the morning the doorbell chimes, and she says it's the breakfast she ordered in from Mangia. Wow, more plugs? Way to sell out thickly, just like the challah French toast you can get from Mangia! Char pries herself away from the snuggly Justin just in time to see her front door open, aided by a key attached to a silver bunny key chain, in the hand of none other than Bunny, Char's former mother-in-law! Dun dun dun! Char asks, faintly outraged, what Bunny is doing in her apartment. Well, that's the thing: Even though Trey "gave" Char the apartment, it seems it wasn't his to give. That, and Bunny is a total shrew that hates Char. She's kept in touch with the co-op board, and she's heard about the kissing, and the overnight gentleman caller who's still in the apartment. Justin comes out of the bedroom just in time to hear Bunny's withering comment: "You're still married!" His face falls, and even though Char protests that she's in fact separated, he looks crestfallen and skeeved. Char grabs Bunny's arm firmly and tells her she has to go. "Don't you hustle me out, young lady! This is Chanel!" Really? A Chanel jacket with exposed seams and hidden buttons? How interesting. I'd ask to see the lining.

Carrie autographs a stack of her own books and answers the phone -- it's Char, eating a waffle alone and saying glumly, "Bunny's back." Carrie says, "Ooh," and clicks over to the other line to tell Stanford that he's on the list with a plus-one, since he wants to bring his sweet, sweet Marcus. Stanford is looking at the cutest sneakers --what are they, Keds? I can't tell. Carrie says she misses the days when she had Stanford as her plus-one, and he says she sounds "a little jelly." And I don't think you're ready for this jelly. Carrie whines that even Char has a gay plus-one, and Stanford leaps on it -- Char's "boy-bitch Anthony is coming?" Stanford sees and relishes the opportunity to rub his happiness in someone's face. Great. Carrie's other line rings again -- this time it's Sam. She wants to bail out of the event, as her face looks like Hamburger Helper. Carrie whines that she needs Sam to help her talk to the press, and to sort out all the invited guests, and besides, she promised to be Carrie's plus-one! Oh, Christ. Stop it with the plus-one-itis. Sam agrees to show up, stoically clips on her party earrings, smiles into the mirror, and cries out in pain. Aww, poor Sam.

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