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Politically Erect

Sarah Jessica's spandex and tulle number might not surpass Molly Ringwald's Pretty in Pink prom dress as the most unflattering rosy-hued frock of all time, but it's definitely a contender. End credits.

We see a montage of Bill Kelly, Mr. Politico from last episode, campaigning while Carrie expositions in voice-over that she's been following him on the campaign trail and dating him for "three weeks now." Pan from Bill shaking hands with construction workers over to Carrie looking demure in straight hair, huge round sunglasses, and a beige wrap dress with a wide collar. She explains that her role as First Girlfriend-in-Tow required her to don "vintage Halston and [do] a spin on Jackie Kennedy -- the early years." Um, where's the pillbox hat? I think Carrie's gotten the First Lady look confused with the later Jackie O period, and the only spinning going on is Jackie whirling around in her grave so fast that if we added sugar everyone could have cotton candy.

Cut to Carrie looking bored in a classroom while Bill tells some schoolkids that he's running for city comptroller. Then we cut to Carrie standing backstage and clapping listlessly while Bill prattles on about his platform. There's a weak running gag about the campaign manager foisting Bill's buttons on her to wear; she deflects him at the speech by revealing that she's wearing one concealed under one of her big red tissue-paper home craft flower accessories. I think a Mondale/Ferraro button would look infinitely more stylish than that thing, but whatever. ["I'm really hoping this isn't a trend through the whole season." -- Nicole] Carrie explains in voice-over that she and Bill are simpatico because she's about Fashion and he's about Politics; they both involve "recycling shopworn ideas and making them seem fresh and exiting." If things don't work out with Mr. Politico, I could see her dating someone in television.

Cut to Carrie and Bill macking in her apartment. They banter about a "proposition" on the "ballot" which he'll "back." He drags her over to the bed, where we briefly see her "political consciousness [being] raised." Very wry double entendres, no? I'll give this ep extra points if salacious use is made of the term "gerrymandering."

Then we see Steve and Miranda walking along the sidewalk at night. He presses her for a movie date in his raspy Joe Pesci voice. Miranda makes like she's unavailable and will have "to see." He wonders if she has a date. She says that if she were dating someone else, she wouldn't share that information with him. Whatever! If Steve really was just Miranda's friend, then of course she'd be able to talk freely. Miranda, honey, you're in a relationship whether you like it or not. Grow up. Steve says he wants to see her "exclusively." Miranda replies with a stunned, strained smile. She'll "think about" it. Steve repeats his desire to be "exclusive." Miranda: "Okay. I hear ya!" They walk on, arm in arm, with Steve beaming and Miranda looking uncertain. Carrie's voice-over tells us that Miranda was "unsure" about letting Steve "win by default." For one thing, stop playing games, Miranda. For another, shut up, omniscient Carrie! We can tell what's going on through Cynthia Nixon's acting, which is superlative in this scene.

The ladies who lunch. The Foursome are noshing while Charlotte expresses disbelief that Carrie's dating a politician but "isn't registered to vote." Samantha, trying not to get mauled by the large pawprints on her ugly fun fur, "totally" understands Bill's allure, because he "has the power thing going on." Carrie notes dryly that his "comptroller potential" is "hot." Heh. Charlotte offers to help Carrie with Bill's campaign. Miranda calls her on it, suggesting that Charlotte is mounting her own campaign to meet "single and rich" donors. Carrie reiterates that Bill's not running for President. Samantha thinks he's "cute" enough to run; the country needs a "good-looking man in the White House." She makes a lame quip about Nixon being ugly to prove her point. Charlotte reveals a "college crush on Dan Quayle." Carrie thinks the U.S. needs a president in "a hat." She cites chapeau-wearing FDR as a "good president." Miranda cracks, "So busy picking out a hat, he forgot to get into the war." Will you marry me, Miranda? Charlotte brings up her Quayle crush again. Carrie says, "We pretty much tried to ignore that the first time." Hee! Charlotte says "his crisp white shirts reminded [her] of [her] father." Whoa. Charlotte has Electra issues. Who knew? Samantha makes a lame quip about reading a homoerotic relationship into Bush and Quayle. Whatever. Charlotte brings up JFK's handsomeness. Carrie notes how promiscuous he was. The Kennedy references are kind of weird, since we know Sarah Jessica Parker once dated JFK Jr. Miranda brings up the Founding Fathers, and notes that they fare poorly on the "fuckable" scale. Samantha makes a lame quip about Thomas Jefferson being a fox. Everyone (onscreen) titters. ["Yeah, the slaves really loved Jefferson. Really. They literally loved him. Just ask his black descendants." -- Nicole] Carrie voice-overs that the four friends were just "women discussing politics." Yeah, we know they're superficial, but try to love them anyway.

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