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Politically Erect

Miranda does it with Steve. ["I was shocked to see a nipple shot there. I just wasn't expecting that!" -- Nicole] Carrie's voice-over tells us that he was "stuffing her ballot box." Why don't you just come right out and say that "he canvassed her area" and "she gave him her endorsement," Carrie? Anyway, in a post-coital, Steve tells Miranda that he doesn't want to push her on the "monogamy thing," but she's the "best woman he ever met" and he "loves" her. Carrie tells us that Steve thusly provided the "pro" for Miranda that "outweighed all the cons."

Cut to Samantha and Weedo on a dinner date. Carrie's voice-over tells us that Samantha has "put her heels in storage." Weedo gets up to go the "boys' room." Samantha sees that the label on the sportscoat draped on his chair reads "Bloomingdale's Boys Department." Carrie tells us that Samantha was "stunned," and yep, we see a stunned Samantha grabbing her fun fur and bolting out of the restaurant. ["And she was wearing heels. So much for consistency." -- Nicole] Weedo accosts her near the exit and asks what's the big. She lies and says she's not feeling well. Then she confesses that she doesn't want "to lead [him] on." Weedo reminds her that he made her come "five times the other night." Wow, thanks for sharing. Samantha finally admits that the boys' department label freaked her out. Weedo wonders if she shops at the "big and tall whore's store." She calls him "a big dick with a little man attached." They decide that their shared interest in lame quips and poor skills at badinage can overcome their height difference. Carrie voice-overs that Samantha dated Weedo for another two weeks, which was a "long" time for her. Owen quips that the Weedo subplot wasn't "short" enough.

At Carrie's Pad, she and Bill have done the nasty. He gets up and suggests they take a shower. He jumps into the stall while she grimaces into the camera, pulls a bedsheet around her, and follows him into the bathroom. Carrie sits on the john and comes clean with him about "the peeing thing." It's not her style, but she offers to dribble warm tea on him instead. Or she'll run water, or leave the bathroom door open for him. But she admits she's still uncomfortable about all of this, and I'm still not buying that her character would bat an eyelash when confronted with this issue. Then Bill pulls back the curtain and tells Carrie that he has a confession also. His campaign staff has told him that since her columns are "all about sex," it's "kind of seamy" for him to be dating her so close to the election. Carrie: "Wait. I might write about sex, but you like people to pee on you." Bill shrugs and reasons that no one knows about his sexual preferences. Carrie absorbs the fact that she was the one who just got pissed upon.

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