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Anvils go thud. It's what they do.

The snow continues to fall. The first time that winter, Carrie VOs. "The city was silent. There were no more questions. Only white noise." Alek reads the Daily News about Lexi's horrible death, and Carrie turns to him and says, "I want to go to Paris." He smiles, and I tear up a little. Wow. She made a decision. She took a risk. Go, Carrie.

Miranda and Steve make snow angels in their backyard. Brady lies on Mir's chest. He laughs his baby laugh. It's so fucking adorable.

Char scoops the puppies out of their box. Lining it is the New York Post, with the headline, "SPLAT!" Go, New York Post, GO! Now that I'm a full-time tabloid reporter, I have to say, I covet the Post. I worship the Post. It's just the queen bee of tabloid journalism. Let me give you an example. My favorite recent Post headline? It was about the Britney marriage scandal: "SPLITNEY!" I mean, come on. Perfection. Beauty. Trashy and funny. It's what I aspire to.

Church bells ding. It's Lexi's funeral. Carrie walks with Stanford on her arm. Stanford can't believe the tale: "She tripped on her Manolos?" Carrie says it's sad, she died, the end. He says it is sad that he missed the scandal of the social season. "I need details. I need last words." Carrie intones, "'I'm so bored, I could die.'" Stanford stifles a giggle. They see Sam, who says the funeral is "better than Fashion Week!" Stanny gushes that Marcus us saving seats next to Hugh Jackman. He runs inside. The four girlfriends hang around outside. Carrie says, "It's the end of an era. The party is officially over." Well, for you old coots, anyway. There's always someone else at the party doing coke and smoking. They're just half your age. Carrie sees Enid and Wallace walk into the church arm-in-arm. They nod at each other, and Carrie says, "If you're single in New York after a certain point, there is no where to go but down." Mir says, "Eighteen stories down." Carrie pauses, then says she's going to Paris. Char and Sam offer happy congratulations, but Mir's face darkens as she says, "Because you're afraid of going out a window?" Wow. Mir is taking this rather badly. ["Woman's got a point, though." -- Sars] Carrie says she wants to open a new one. Wow! Now, I like this Carrie. She's going for something other than shoes or a man that doesn't want her (meaning Big). Mir has more questions. What about her job? Carrie quit. Mir opens her mouth, and Carrie cuts her off. "We're done with the question portion of our program. I'm going. I'm happy. Now let's say goodbye to Lexi." The four friends go inside.

Apres funeral, Carrie and Mir walk and talk. Mir has on this great Marc Jacobs black coat. It's fab. They both look grim and unhappy. They decide to go to Gordon's. Then Mir says tearfully, "I can't believe you quit your job! Couldn't you write your column there?" Carrie says they didn't like her American-in-Paris angle, and that they will probably get a twenty-nine-year-old single girl with all new problems to write a column. Mir says she thinks Carrie is making a mistake. Her column is who Carrie is. Carrie snaps, "It's not who I am, it's what I do." Then she decides to skip Gordon's and just go home. Mir says tearfully, "I'm not allowed to have an opinion? What are you going to do over there without a job, eat croissants?" Carrie asks why Miranda can't be happy for her. Mir says she's sorry, but she doesn't see why Carrie has to move and "give up" her life. Carrie says Mir moved to Brooklyn. Mir yells, "That's just Brooklyn!" Carrie says this is all about Miranda needing her to stay in the same place. Mir screeches, "What?" As long as Carrie stays single and in New York and writing her column, it'll mean that nothing has really changed. When really, everything has changed. Two years after 9/11, and everything has changed again and again. Mir says this is about Carrie. Carrie disagrees; she can stay here and write about her life, or she can go to Paris and live it. Carrie stomps off. Mir yells that she loves Carrie. Carrie has another issue: "Just say it! You don't like him!" Mir yells that all right, she doesn't like him. Carrie wheels around and says, "Then don't you go to Paris with him." She walks away in her black coat and high-heeled boots. Mir yells after her, "You're living in a fantasy!" Carrie keeps on walking, like boots are made to do.

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