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It sucks to be single!

Same opening credits. You would think by the fourth season they could think of something more interesting than SJP spinning around and showing off her nipples as a bus splashes dirty water on her.

The girls are getting ready to go out while Carrie tells us, “If you are single, there is one thing you should always take with you when you go out on a Saturday night -- your girlfriends.” Samantha thinks you also need a pocketbook full of condoms. The girls talk about how they really don’t want to go to the engagement party they are walking to, because of the sappy invitation they got that says, “Two souls, one thought.” Of course Charlotte thinks it is romantic, while the rest of the gang thinks that the bride-to-be pushed their friend Danny into having that card. Then Samantha talks about how she has had sex with Danny, Carrie admits to being bored one night and having sex with him, and Miranda also admits to showing him a boob. Carrie is wearing a Salvation-Army-on-crack outfit, complete with cape and white gloves with the fingers cut off. Somewhere at a Salvation Army office, there is an empty coat closet with only a business card on the floor that says, “Patricia Fields, Costume Designer, Sex and the City,” with “IOU one cape and a pair of gloves” scribbled on the back of the card.

The fab four are at the party, and Miranda and Carrie comment on how big the party is. They see Danny and sing in unison, “Congratulations!” Danny introduces his fiancée to Carrie and Miranda, but he calls Miranda "Charlotte" by mistake. The girls get annoyed and walk away. Carrie suggests that Miranda should have showed Danny both her boobs if she wanted him to remember her. Oh, how I missed the witty banter between the girls.

While Samantha is talking to some asshole, Charlotte gives an innocent woman an earful about how she is separated from Trey but not legally and that they are taking a break and talking about what they really want and how much they love each other and that they had problems in the bedroom. Charlotte’s hair looks bad. The woman turns to leave, and another woman comes up. The first woman tells the second woman, “Don’t talk to [Charlotte]” and they both walk away quickly.

Carrie and Miranda are with the fiancée and a group of other women, talking about how she has found the man of her dreams. She asks Carrie and Miranda if they are seeing anyone special, and Carrie tells her she isn’t, and Miranda does a routine about how she only dates “unspecial men,” and if any of the women knew any unspecial men or a houseplant that is free to get in touch with her. Of course all the women, except Carrie, think she is a riot. Since when does Miranda have a sense of humor?

Carrie and Miranda leave the party together, and if Carrie thinks it's most important to bring her friends on a Saturday night, why did she completely blow off Charlotte and Samantha? As Carrie is swinging her big cape around herself, she asks Miranda what the deal was with the comedy routine. Miranda tells Carrie that she didn’t want the group of engaged and married women to feel sorry for her because she is single, so she makes them laugh instead. Miranda notices that married people feel sorry for single people, and Carrie thinks that married people are jealous of single people for being free. Actually, married people couldn't care less about single people at parties, because they know at the end of the night when they go home that getting laid is pretty much a sure thing.

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