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The Agony And The Extacy

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It sucks to be single!

Miranda walks into her empty apartment, looks sad, then hears her cat meow and goes to see her kitty. Miranda has no right to be sad. This time last year, she had someone living with her and it drove her nuts. She can’t be happy. At least her hair looks better than it did last year.

Carrie is walking home, wearing yet another cape. This time it's camel-colored. She stops when she sees a black stretch limo parked in front of her apartment building, and knocks on the window. A bunch of red balloons pop out, and Big says, “Happy birthday, baby. Get in.” Carrie gets in the car with him, and he opens a bottle of champagne. He asks how old she is, and she asks how old he is. He won’t tell, but she starts with “thirty to thirty-five, thirty-five to forty, forty to forty-five…” and he sort of makes a face, meaning that we are now to know that Mr. Big is somewhere between forty and forty-five years old. What a shock! Except for the part about it being shocking. She asks him what he feels about soulmates. He tells her he likes the words “soul” and “mate.” He asks if she had a good day, and she tells him she had a fabulous day. They sort of looked like they didn’t really know what to say to each other, but Big looked like he wanted to shove his tongue down Carrie’s throat.

Big’s limo drives away, and Carrie tells us, “I realized having three soulmates already nailed down made it a lot easier to spot those great, nice guys to have fun with.” As she goes up the stairs to her apartment building, she lets the red balloons fly away. You’re gonna make it after all!

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