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The Big Time

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The Big Time

Cut to Miranda and Carrie walking arm and arm down the sidewalk. Miranda is very butch in her mannish grey business suit (left over from the "drag king" episode earlier this season, I guess) while Carrie is ultra-femme in a turquoise shift with a huge pink silk flower attached that's roughly the same size as her empty head. Miranda is bitching that Steve wants a baby, yet hasn't had sex with her in a week. She thinks his "baby talk" is just a Band-Aid for their currently dysfunctional relationship. ["But wasn't their relationship just perfect last week? One week she accepts his skidmarks, and the next it is all dysfunctional?" -- Nicole] She adds, "It's like he's a kid, and I end up nagging him all the time. I'm Mean Mommy, and believe me, no one wants to fuck Mean Mommy." Well, I bet there are some guys who'd want to fuck Mean Mommy, but Miranda is wise to steer clear of them. Then Miranda proposes the theory that she might be sabotaging her relationship, and just might be very happy raising a child with Steve, because she really does want kids someday and her biological clock is ticking. The scene ends, and I'm totally surprised that Carrie just listened sympathetically to Miranda's problems and didn't steer the conversation towards herself and fretting about seeing Mr. Big again.

Cut to Samantha, who's having dinner with Len the Lech. Carrie VOs that thoughts of menopause had caused Samantha to "lose her spirit" and accept a date with a guy her age. Because Samantha has this weird Logan's Run-ish belief that she can't have sex, or sex with other age groups, after the "change of life," I guess. Whatever. Les, in a white t-shirt and white suit, is bragging about his ownership of a Cadillac El Dorado and how the seat adjustment is wonderful for his artificial hip. Samantha, who's been downing martinis and rolling her eyes, tries to listen appreciatively.

Cut to Len's apartment. Carrie VOs that since Samantha "could not listen to one more minute" of his randy geriatric prattle, she decided to have sex with him instead (?!?). We see a bored, zombified Samantha under Len in his white-on-white bedroom, getting some artificial hip action as he pumps away on top of her. He ejaculates, then looks down and…we'll let him say it: "Baby, either you're a virgin or Flo just came to town." Samantha suddenly comes back to life in exultation that her period has finally come. She grabs her clothes and departs as Len bitches and whines about his "two grand a set" white designer sheets getting ruined. It's too bad about the age similarity keeping them apart: Len and Samantha are pretty well matched in crassness and shallowness. But Carrie VOs that Samantha saw "plenty more hot studs in this hot, hot pre-menopausal woman's future."

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