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The Big Time

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The Big Time

Cut to Carrie's apartment. That '70s Couple enters, dressed like they're going to perform a sketch on Love, American Style: CIM in his choker and suede jean jacket, and Carrie in a polyester-looking leisure ensemble of pink flared pants and a loose white and pink blouse with a drawstring collar. She asks him to stay over; he accepts. While he's in the kitchen setting the timer on her coffee machine, she checks her messages. The recording plays the distraught voice of Mr. Big. Carrie turns off the machine. CIM tells her that they're "out of filters" so he's "going to run down to the Korean," which was pretty crass -- does he call the local kosher deli "the Jew"? Shut up and go away, CIM. He does, but not before telling Carrie that she makes him "really happy." Carrie replies, "Okay." Ah, the romance! The chemistry! The minute he leaves, there's a knock at her door. It's Big. He's out of breath and his shirt and hair are unkempt. If this was the last five minutes of a woman-in-jep flick on Lifetime and our heroine had just sent her new nice guy boyfriend off only to be confronted by her drunken stalker the minute she's alone, we'd all be clutching our pearls about now. But he's Chris Noth, so what can you do? Carrie asks him what's the sitch. He asks if the departing CIM was "the perfect guy" Carrie told him about earlier. Carrie asks him what he wants. Big collapses against the doorjamb and admits that he has no idea, but his deep dark bedroom eyes tell Carrie another story. Carrie's knees buckle, but she gains the strength to tell him to "go home to [his] wife" and shut the door in his face. Then Carrie plays the message he left on her machine. It says, "Hey Carrie, I'm here on your corner. I know you're there. Pick up. I…Jesus…I miss you. I can't stop fucking thinking about you. There you have it." Which I guess shows that Big has grown into a contemplative, less smarmy person, since he didn't say, "I abso-fucking-lutely can't stop thinking about you." Carrie sighs and walks around her apartment while she VOs that Mr. Big's declaration was what she wanted to hear, but "a year too late." She chalks it up to bad timing. Then we fade to her fretting at her window, while she VOs that it had been ten minutes since CIM had left for the Korean market, and she thinks this is "bad" also. She bites her lip and shuffles her hair around a bit while blathering about Mr. Big being her "past come back to haunt [her]" and CIM being her "future" taking too long to arrive. Um, can a person really consume that much alcohol in only ten minutes?

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