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Catch me I'm falling!

Carrie sits and types in her apartment. She says she's grown up and learned to be cautious, and "in life, there's no safety net. When did it stop being fun and start being scary?" She closes her laptop resolutely.

And we're back at the trapeze. She sails through the air, screeching all the way. The guy on the other swing says, "Let go and reach for me!" But she can't. Again. She just can't.

Anthony is on the phone, screaming at the person on the other end that they want lilies, NOW, and the theme is "Yentl chic." Gawd. Charlotte calls out, "Don't forget the candles!" Anthony is on a tear. "You're worse than me! You think this is the first wedding I've ever planned? We want candles, candles, candles, and not those stubby little broken-off DICK candles either! We want loooong tapers." Char emerges in her dress. She's a vision. Anthony says, "You're Audrey Hepburn. Owitz." Char giggles and tiptoes toward him, grabbing his hands in hers. She's so excited! Everything in the wedding is going to be done according to tradition -- the breaking of the glass, the hora...Anthony admonishes Char to "hold on for dear life and for fuck's sake, keep [her] knees together. Nobody needs to see the bride's beaver." Char says, "Don't talk like that in front of my dress!" Just then, the fact checker from the New York Times calls. Char is ecstatic. Anthony listens, and then screams, "FAX IT OVAH!" They do a wild hora dance, and then Harry walks in. Char. Freaks. Out. "Oh no! You can't see me in my dress before the wedding! It's bad luck! Keep your eyes closed! Keep them closed! Oh nooo, this is soo baaaaaad!" Harry asks Anthony if all brides are that bad. No. Some are worse. Anthony once had a bride give herself a stroke. "She pulled herself together for the big day, though." How incredibly charming, in that total nightmare sort of way.

Sam fiddles with her beautiful pearl bracelet, absent-mindedly listening to Jerry say that he's going to miss her when he's down in Mexico shooting with Gus Van Sant. He fastens the clasp for her. She, still playing it cool, says he shouldn't do anything she wouldn't do. Ahem. He's onto her. "Karaoke," she says. She doesn't do that, at least.

Miranda has a lovely singing voice. As Brady swings in his swingy-chair, she sings, "He flies through the air with the greatest of ease, that daring young man on the flying trapeze." Then she hears Steve and a woman's voice out in the hall. She panics, leaps to her feet, and tells Magda that she isn't home. Get it? She's. Not. Home. Then she rushes into her room to hide. Magda says firmly, "She is not. Home." Debbie says that's too bad, and nice to meet you! Magda says, "She is not. Home." Steve says he has to go grab Mister Elephant, since he forgot it last time. A stricken look crosses Mir's face.

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