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Charlotte, Anthony, and Miss Pretty Pretty Puppy Dog Elizabeth Taylor stroll the streets. A woman stops dead in her tracks and ejaculates the fact that Miss ET is the prettiest puppy in the whole wide world. Charlotte is loving it. Anthony, not so much: "That dog is getting cruised more than me, and we're on the corner of Gay and Gay!" Unlike the corner of Gay and Straight, as on QEFTSG, or the corner of Talentless and Lame, as on American Idol. Char says that maybe ET misses the show ring, since she's feeding so much off the love energy of all the people in the street. Anthony gripes, "She's a freaking attention whore." Then a hot guy says, "Cute dog," and Anthony screams, "Thank you!" Char wants to re-enter ET into competition; with Charlotte's love and guidance, ET will be a winner. Anthony is all, "What the hell, go for it. Nobody puts Baby in the corner." Char looks at him dubiously, and he yells, "Dirty Dancing! Hello!" Seriously! Stay gold, Anthony.

Miranda enters her new home in B------n, and it isn't with a look of joy on her face. The place is messy, under construction -- clearly a work in progress. So is Mir's attitude. She had to walk all the way from the subway in her shoes. Steve asks why she doesn't carry them and wear sneakers for that leg of the journey. He does not add, "Like everyone else in the world who has any sense." Miranda pulls a Call Her Miss Ross diva fit and says that Steve can take her out of Manhattan, but he can't try to take her out of her shoes. Um, Miranda? Back in Season 1 you wore skinny, almost New Wave ties and massive shoulder pads. You've come a long way, fashion-wise. It's okay to don cute sneakers when schlepping to and from work. May I suggest Pumas, or my favorites, Adidas with the fat laces? ["Maybe even a smart sneaker-styled mule or slip-on?" -- Wing Chun] Steve says that if Miranda refuses to sneak, she should stop complaining. Word, Steve. A thousand times, word. Miranda asks after her DSL line, adding that Steve knows she can't live without high-speed internet access. Steve says he was putting up sheet rock in Brady's room, and asks if she wanted their baby to "live without walls." Maybe just without borders. Steve does have good news: the mail arrived. Including Miranda's copy of Tattle Tale. She gasps hugely and runs to the couch, practically spooning the sleazy tabloid. Steve says he can't believe she reads that trash, and she's all, "It's my thing. Let it go." Then he starts, "Oh! Madga and Brady are...." Miranda cuts him off: "I'm reading this. You no longer exist." So that's how married couples make time to read. They turn their mates invisible! I have to remember to try that. "Love you, honey! Now you don't exist."

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