Sex and the City
The Cold War

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Big vs. Alek: Alek Wins This Round

Mir lights a fireplace log. Carrie relaxes in her hot pink suede boots, and then says, "I deleted Big." Mir is all, "Did you call him to tell him you deleted him?" No. Carrie doesn't know why he called. And she doesn't really care. Woohoo! See? Growth. And, things are getting serious with "The Russian." Carrie explains, "It's different, it's...grown up. There's no fuss, he tells me how he feels, all the time, unlike Answering Machine up there in Napa." Mir corks the wine and says, "Sounds perfect." Except for one thing. Carrie says that she and Alek have nothing in common besides each other. Mir says that she and Steve don't, either. Carrie says she had an idea of couples sharing things, like their passions. Mir says, "You want passions on top of passion?" Oh, boy. I feel Carrie right now. For the third time this episode! She's got hot love, but she feels they aren't on the same path together. No, that's me. Carrie just wants to share more things with her man. Yes, that's it. Steve comes in with a neighborhood delicacy: cheesecake cannoli. Yum! Carrie says dryly, "What a delightful borough." Yes, and you know what else they have in Brooklyn? Espresso! Isn't that a kick in the pants! He leaves, and then Carrie says she wants Mir to meet her Russian. Mir is all, "Can't wait!" I wonder if she means it.

Alek lurches into his kitchen, where Carrie sits with a thousand-watt smile. She's all, "How'd the work go? He's all silent. Carrie VOs, "So much for passions on top of passions!" But she shakes it off and keeps smiling as she invites him to meet her friends on Sunday night, since she's now met some of his friends. He says that most of this friends are in Europe, and that those tools at Pastis were not his friends. More importantly, he accepts. Carrie smiles. And "FYI," he has a friend in New York: Carrie. He says she isn't his friend, she's his lover, "and that is a much better thing." Carrie laughs fetchingly. God, I can't believe I'm so into Carrie this episode. It makes no sense! Alek asks her to come to bed with him, but she begs off, saying she has to go home to write her column. He says she can use his computer there: "Wery good for writing columns." She kvells at the thought of using his "fancy computer," and gives in to him.

Après bed (which we are spared from seeing, thank god). Carrie wonders: "Without sharing your worlds, can even the hottest of relationships stop cold?" She hits a button, and the word "cold" comes up in 48-point type across Alek's three monitors, and she jumps a little.

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