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Big vs. Alek: Alek Wins This Round

The elevator slides up to Alek's studio. The sound of drunken giggling spills out. Oh, boy. I know that sound. It's the too-much-champers- on-a-Sunday-night sound. It's a lovely noise. Carrie weaves drunkenly over to the studio door, and Sam tells her to wait: "Sister's gotta get ready!" She whips out an afro pick and combs her wig. Wow. Was the purpose of Sam's cancer really just for her to parade around in a bunch of wigs, and for Carrie to learn to listen? If so, mission accomplished. We get it. Wigs and evolution of a character, the end. And I was really hoping Sam could get to do more this season. Oh well. There are three whole episodes left.

Carrie knocks on the studio door, and then knocks again. She should knock three times on the ceiling if she loves him. Twice on the pipes (clang clang) if the answer is noooo. Finally, Alek opens the door, but he isn't happy to see her: "When I say I'm vhorking, I'm vhorking. Sorry, guys, we meet another time." Then he closes the door on Carrie's disappointed face. The tableau of the three friends is great. Sam and Char have those bright, fake smiles on, like, "It's okay your lover shut us out, and closed the door in your face! All is cool!" And Mir is sitting there looking like she wants to punch the guy out. It's so classic. Mir is my hero. She's so blunt and sensible and honest with her emotions, if a little neurotic. I think she's grown the most. Fashion-wise, she has for sure. Remember when she wore ties all the time? She was like Duckie from Pretty in Pink. Then the girls beg out of seeing the apartment. Char offers to share a cab, but Carrie decides to stay at Alek's.

Miranda comes home to Steve, saying she's "so glad to be home." And she's glad he loves her friends, and that he brings her cannoli and cheesecake and puts up walls and everything. Steve says she's really gonna love him when she finds out he put in her DSL line. Woohoo! They make love.

Après sex, Mir surfs the web. She heads right to "Celebrity Scandals -- caught on tape!" It's her thing, let it go. Guess what she sees? Sam and Smith, doggy-style. What, no froggy-style? Come on. She slams down the laptop and runs back to bed with Steve. Carrie VOs that it cooled Miranda's love of gossip for good. Noooo! Gossip is a victimless crime, as long as you say it with love. And no one finds out the shit you say about them. Heh.

Morning. Carrie rolls over, still smarting a little about how Alek treated her friends the night before. She rolls into his studio with a mission: to talk to him.

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