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The Domino Effect

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Lub-lub. Lub-lub.

Sam and Jerry have more hand-holding issues. She says she knows where he wants to put his hand, but...Jerry says, finally, at last, that he's "sick of this bullshit. Just fuckin' hold my hand!" She sighs peevishly and says okay, but just until her foot heals. Then Carrie VOs that "this is how Samantha lost her virginity to Smith," and I feel queasy.

Carrie sets up dominoes, and Bog dictates and corrects her placement. "You don't understand the delicate balance of physics involved." Carrie says she "came of age in the Parcheesi era," so he would know. Hey, you guys? You aren't actually playing dominoes, you're just making a kinetic knockety thing. And, Carrie? Wouldn't you kick his ass in Scrabble? I'm just saying. I can beat almost anyone at Scrabble. Once I even beat Sars at Literati, but then she beat me right back. ["It's only fair to mention, folks, that she didn't just beat me. She handed me my head. Goddamn Q." -- Sars] Anyway, Bog says, "So this is what we'd be like in our seventies? No sex, and board games?" Don't forget the arguing and the early bird specials. Then he goes, "Seriously, kid. You and me? The early bird special?" Jinx! Then he goes, whoa, and Carrie feels his head. He has a fever.

Somehow -- maybe it's the candy-striper uniform? -- she gets his fever down to a hundred and three. He says the cold washcloth feels nice, and "you're an angel, you know that?" He takes her hand. "What are we doing? I'm serious. I'm talking about us." They look into each other's eyes intensely. You know, I might be touched right now, if I could only forget that he just had surgery and has a high fever and didn't even call her to tell her he was checking out of the hospital. Bog is just all about the mind-fuck, man. He whispers, "Life's too short. What are we doing?" The piano starts up, and she whispers, "I don't know." Then she crawls into bed with him. He closes his eyes, and she turns out the light. She VOs that "Big's heart was finally unblocked. In fact, it was wide open." Yeah, but for how long?

Steve bing-bongs on Mir's door -- wow, he finally learned how! -- and brings in Brady. They make some awkward, mature adult conversation. "It was fun! Or did you say funny?...Debbie seems reeeeally nice...Robert seems like a very niiice guy..." They run out of nice things to say, then Steve starts with, "Hey, Miranda..." Then Blair walks in and interrupts. Dammit!

Carrie wakes up. Bog is already awake. He says he feels "better" and that he "feels like [him]self again." He gets up, excusing himself. Carrie knew his heart had "closed again," and that "maybe it would open in another five years, but that wasn't enough." She orders breakfast for them, then tries to knock over the domino trail she laid the night before. Only a little bit of it goes over; she set some of them too far apart to reach. Wow, that's better than a Magic 8-ball. Those dominoes are like a sign from God: get out of the Bog, already.

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