Sex and the City
The Good Fight

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They fight! And fight! And fight and fight and fight!

Carrie comes home, crawls on top of Aidan, and apologizes. He does as well. Finally! They snuggle.

Trey and "his baby" are annexed to the guest room. And Charlotte can examine her pores as much as she wants now, because she doesn't care! Hooray!

Mir and her multilingual fox? Are fucking like beasts. "Fuck me! Fuck me like there's no tomorrow!" GO Miranda!

And Sam and her Dick emerge from the swimming pool at dawn, to fluffy robes and soft music. He asks her to dance. She's all, "What did I say?" He says he's her boss, and it's an order. She steps into his arms reluctantly. She looks uncomfortable, then reaches for his cock. He pulls her hand away and back up to his shoulder, and she gets tears in her eyes. Oh my god, me too! She's scared of feelings, and of feeling. She puts her head on his shoulder as Carrie VOs that Samantha was afraid of "her perfect dick being the perfect Richard." And the song they're dancing to is by Sade.

Carrie walks in the door, and her adorable fiancé greets her. "Where'd you go, who'd you see?" God, he's sweet. She flinches, then stands in front of him in her sheer white tank top, black bra, and black full skirt, and asks that he not talk to her for the first hour after she gets home. Because, you know, she needs to decompress and shit. Wow, I would so be out the door. How totally rude! But Aidan is a saint, and just says mm-hmm. She closes the curtains around her bed and asks that he consider her "not here, for one whole hour." So she parks in on the bed for a moment, then gets up and asks what Aidan's doing out there. She comes out and snuggles down in his lap. And the kicker? They manage to get through the remaining thirty days without killing each other, but the plant dies. Carrie tosses it in the trash as she skips out in her Roberto Cavalli top. Oh, that selfish, sassy girl.

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