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Be In The Right Now

Carrie, in a blue hoodie and brown pants, calls Big. He bursts up from underneath the surface of the water in his hot tub, takes a deep gulp of air, and answers his phone. They make witty banter for a bit ("a Jacuzzi is a cliché, a hot tub is retro"), and then he starts with the phone sex again, or so she thinks ("I was just going to remind you of the time you lost your necklace in the jets!"). No -- Carrie is just calling to say they won't be having one of those phone calls again, because they're just friends and she doesn't talk to her friends like that. Big says, "I do." Carrie says, "Well, maybe that's why you have so few!" Carrie explains that she's seeing someone and "it just got we have to leave all that in the past." Big says, "Ahh, friends." She tells him about Berger, and Big says, "Okay, kid! Give me a call sometime. Any kind of call you want." Click.

And Char steps into a swimming pool, and after asking if the tub was drained before her, she submerges herself into the water to emerge a Jew.

Carrie pops into Berger's apartment to offer him a new start in the form of a new sound machine. He likes it. They hug. And as they drift off to sleep that night to the sound of crashing waves, Carrie says she slept more soundly than she had all...damn! My TiVo cut off the ending. I have to start TiVoing The Wire so I can catch the end of the ep.

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