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The Post-It Always Sticks Twice

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The Post-It Always Sticks Twice

Sam and Carrie walk towards Sam's after-lunch hair appointment. Ooh, I think Sam is wearing an Hermes belt. It's white, and studded? I want one. I want an Hermes studded belt. I just broke up with my boyfriend, okay? I need some retail therapy. Or just a gift. Maybe some scented candles? Carrie decides to spend "as much time mourning the relationship as he did ending it." She pouts for two seconds, then says she's "over it." Now how about she and Sam hit the town for a fabulous evening. May I suggest Dick's Bar in the East Village? Of course, they won't get laid. But they will have fun. Samantha has another idea. Bed. It's a new club. The invite says, "Come to Bed." Carrie ooohs.

And the post-lunch typed question: "Do we search for lessons to lessen the pain?" Oh, yes. My most-current ex-b.f. could neatly encapsulate the reasons his last relationships ended. I wonder if I'll ever hear the reasons why ours did. I mean, we're still friends, but we don't have the hindsight thing really going on for us yet.

Sam prattles on to Jerry that she told TRL that the Absolut Hunk wanted to do some modeling, and they said they wanted him "ASAP. Gucci, YSL, D&G, take your pick." B.A.R.F. Wouldn't TRL want some Old Navy cargos and an Avril tie? Or some red chaps a la Xtina? And isn't he a little, well, seasoned for TRL? Jerry says he'd rather wear jeans and a faded army green tank. Oof, Mama like. Sam is fine with it too, since he looks good like that. He goes, "How'd I get hooked up with such an understanding girlfriend." He hugs Sam to him, and her eyes start darting around like minnows in a stream. What'd he say? A what-friend? Girl-who? Hooked up with the whaaa? Sam takes a few steps away from him and says that since he's so hot right now, maybe it'd be best for him to say he's "still looking" for the right person. Jerry is all, "Samantha." Sam wants him to stay mum on their whole dealy, okay? And she insists on some Dior sunglasses, because "if the kids watching MTV don't see you wearing something they can't afford, how can they look up to you?" She slides them on his face, and perhaps feeling more comfortable with his eyes obscured, she smiles.

Charlotte languishes in front of her closet. So many padded hangers. Mommie Dearest would be thrilled. But then she comes to her old wedding dress, hanging among the slips, and she fades a bit. Dude -- wouldn't that be in storage? Well, if she keeps a Christmas tree in the place, why not a wedding gown.

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