Sex and the City
The Post-It Always Sticks Twice

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The Post-It Always Sticks Twice

Back at 'randa's bed, her fella sweet-talks her. She's so pretty! How is that possible that she doesn't have a boyfriend? Well. She's got a baby-father. But she says she has no idea why she doesn't have a boyfriend. But Mir is so hot! Her friends come to collect her, and she has to split, but she thanks the fella for rubbing her the right way.

Carrie and Co. head out onto the sidewalk, and instantly Carrie's lured in by the smell of marijuana smoke, exhaled by three Williamsburgian hipster nerd types. Yeah, my ex-b.f. started smoking cigarettes again after we ended it. Me, I just started talking to strangers in bars at greater length. Then, I run in the opposite direction when they grab my hands and say kiss me -- blargh. Weed is what Carrie needs right now. "I need cloudiness. Let's get high!" Oh my GOD, another A episode. I swear, if this show speaks to me another week in a row, I'm going to freak out. Sam says she would get high, too, but she can't call her dealer since he's on the Cape. Wow, I almost went to Cape Cod this weekend! Good god, I can't stand it. So Mir, feeling confident in her sexy sexy jeans, goes up to the high, giggling hipster nerds and asks them for the hookup. They tell her they're "going around the corner" to a bar, and all the girls giggle in anticipation.

The girls go into a dive bar, a cross between Black Betty and Dick's Bar. You know: red lighting, divey, a cheap hole in the wall that feel like home. So great. Mir goes off to make the connection, Sam slaps a $20 on the bar to buy drinks and get the bartender to change the channel to TRL (which wouldn't be on Saturday night, but whatever), and Char and Carrie look at a bachelorette party wistfully. Char says she wishes she hadn't been married before. Oh good grief -- do you want your hymen to grown back, too? Ain't. Gonna. Happen. Then the bachelorette party near them spills over, as a bridesmaid asks them to take a picture of their gathering. Carrie hands Char the camera, then tells the party girls Char just got engaged to a great guy, and look at the rock! The party girls ooh and ah, then tell Char to get in the picture. Wow, what cool party girls. They're so nice. They babble on and ask all sorts of questions of Char, and Char is happy to oblige. Carrie smiles and backs out of the conversation, happy to have made Char happy.

Mir goes and talks to her weed nerds. The bespectacled one looks around for the dealer, but he isn't in there. Mir doesn't mind. She's happy just to be talking to dudes that think she's hot. She wiggles around in her skinny jeans, and the three hipster nerds argue over who's going to buy her a drink first. Gentlemen! You can all buy her a drink!

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