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So the show starts out with Carrie telling us she was "dressed to the nines" at some hip and trendy night spot. She and Stanford are checking out the men, and Stanford picks out some guy with long stringy hair and wonders if he is the "Dirty-Haired Gucci Guy, with clean hair." Except the guy's hair isn't clean. Carrie tells him to go talk to the guy, and Stanford tells her that the only way a guy like that would like him is if he paid him. I'm assuming Stanford has the cash, since there is no way he went out in public wearing a peach-colored large checked suit without getting paid a lot of money. Maybe Stanford can attract the guy with a bottle of Bumble and Bumble shampoo. Margaret Cho yells over at Carrie, and then comes over and introduces Carrie to her boyfriend by saying, "This is my boyfriend Damien. I use the term 'boyfriend' loosely, as Damien is clearly a homosexual," all the while waving her hand around Damien like one of Barker's Beauties on The Price Is Right. Margaret Cho is so fucking funny. She needs her own show, but this time she should put it on HBO or Showtime where it won't get fucked up by network morons. Carrie introduces them to her boyfriend Stanford, and then Margaret tells Carrie that she must be part of a fashion show she is doing, using models and New York people with style. Okay, I understood the part about "New York people." But the "style" part loses me, especially since at this time Carrie is wearing a black lacy shirt with a white backless bra over it, covered by a black corset. If having "style" means covering your eyes and putting on whatever is in your undergarment drawer, I guess Carrie would be considered stylish. But it doesn't mean that. Did I mention that Margaret Cho is fucking funny? Carrie whines that she is a writer, not a model, and Margaret tells her that she has to do the fashion show and that she will hunt Carrie down next week to make sure she does it. Is it me, or did this scene seem eerily reminiscent of old Beverly Hills 90210 episodes where people need to convince Donna that she is beautiful and can be a model? Darren Star, shame on you for recycling old ideas!

So the girls are having lunch, and Samantha asks the waitress whether the vegetables they serve are organic. Carrie leans over and says, "They have beef pot pie on the menu. What do you think?" Hey, what's wrong with beef pot pie? Samantha orders hot water and lemon, which sounds really nasty. Charlotte asks Samantha whether it is hard to eat only organic foods, and Samantha tells them it is so hard that she had to pick up a guy last night to get the thoughts of a Big Mac out of her head. Miranda is all, "Talk about a happy meal!" Ba dum dum! Carrie tells Samantha she hasn't looked better, and Samantha tells them she is having nude photos taken of herself so that when she is old she can remember how hot she was. Carrie then tells them that she doesn't have the nerve to be in a charity fashion show. Samantha gets all excited about it, while Miranda piles the dressing on her salad and shoves leaves into her mouth. Charlotte tells Carrie she has to do the fashion show since she lives for fashion, and Carrie whines some more that she is a writer, not a model. Charlotte tells her there is no difference between strutting down a runway and walking down Fifth Avenue. Miranda exclaims that she can't believe she can keep her food down. And she is the only one of the four with food. What is up with that? Do the other three not eat lunch? Is this foreshadowing? I guess we'll find out in the future. Carrie whines even more about being judged by people if she models; the girls tell her that she won't be judged, and that she will be able keep the clothes she models. Carrie gets all giddy and thinks about doing it. Miranda is not amused and keeps shoving her salad into her mouth.

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