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Miranda is then running on a treadmill at CRUNCH. We know it is CRUNCH because of the big CRUNCH signs strategically placed in the gym. Some guy is checking out Miranda as she cools down, and eventually comes over for some witty banter about working out and running. He finally introduces himself and tells her he has been watching her for months and finds her very sexy. Miranda is confused.

Miranda is on the phone with Carrie, telling her about the guy at the gym. Miranda can't believe that a guy would find her sexy after she'd been working out and was all sweaty. She says that men find her smart or cute but never sexy, and that she tries to get them to see her as sexy after she wins them over with her personality. Carrie is all, "You win men over with your personality?" to which Miranda immediately replies, "They want you to be a model?" Carrie hangs up on her. Point goes to Miranda!

Carrie is typing on her product-placed iBook that we can see our friends for what they are, but we can't see ourselves clearly. You know, a lot of times we can't even see our friends for what they are, so how are we supposed to see ourselves clearly? Carrie just likes people telling her she is pretty and fashionable.

Carrie tells us that Samantha sees herself "a little too clearly" as Samantha walks into a room set up for photography, wearing a robe. The photographer tells her that his assistant has music he can play to help her to get comfortable. She tells them that she is comfortable, as she whips off her robe and lifts one leg onto a prop. The photographer asks his assistant for a camera, and the assistant gawks for a moment. Yeah, I've never seen a hole that big and stretched on an older woman, either. Crikey!

Charlotte and Carrie are walking down the street when Charlotte asks for the name of Carrie's gyno. She tells Carrie that she may have a yeast infection; her doctor says it isn't, but she knows that something is just off. She asks Carrie to leave a message on her machine with the number. Carrie then asks her whether she knows any guys who may be interested in Stanford, since he may start going out with hookers. Then she asks Charlotte whether she thinks Carrie is strutting right now. No, Carrie: there is a difference between strutting and teetering on too-high heels.

Carrie tells us Charlotte decided that the perfect match for Stanford was her wedding-gown stylist, Mario Cantone. This guy is a riot, but it still kind of gives me the willies thinking that he was the host of a children's morning show called Steam Pipe Alley not many years ago. Someone complaining that his mother wanted him to get the best price on sheets at "Bed, Bath and Frickin Beyond" just doesn't seem the type to show cartoons and play games with kids, you know what I mean? So anyway, Charlotte convinces Mario to go on a blind date with Stanford, telling him that Ed Harris would play Stanford in a movie. I think Drew Carey would more likely play Stanford in a movie, don't you think?

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