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Charlotte arrives with Mario and sits between Mario and Stanford. Mario is immediately not interested. Stanford knows it, so he leaves to check on Carrie. Mario throws a hissy on Charlotte about being able to do a lot better than Stanford because he has nice arms and a nice ass. Picky bitch. Stanford is too good for him anyway!

Meanwhile, Stanford is bitching to Carrie about Charlotte's setting him up with such a queen. Carrie is wigging out while having her hair teased and drinking champagne from a straw. She asks for more champagne while Kevyn Aucoin starts doing her makeup, with his product-placed makeup book propped up by the mirror for all to see. She asks Stanford to get Samantha for her. When Stanford gives his pass to Samantha, he sits down and asks Charlotte where "her highness" is. Charlotte tells Stanford that Mario had a decorating emergency. Stanford gets upset because he got rejected by someone he wasn't even interested in. Poor Stanford. He just wants to be loved. Is that so wrong?

Margaret Cho gets the fashion show started. The lights go down and the music starts. A model comes out, Ed Koch comes out, and then another model comes out. Samantha sees Carrie backstage and tells Carrie that she is a model. Carrie's ego is stroked enough that she is happy and ready to go. She goes out onto the runway, takes a few steps, trips, and falls. What a non-surprise! Margaret yells, "Fuck. Me. Hard! Heidi, go!" Heidi Klum walks out and walks over Carrie, who's lying there like roadkill. Paul takes pictures of the whole scene. Carrie gets up, fixes herself, and finishes her walk while everyone applauds for her. She tells us she did it "because when real people fall down in real life, they get up and keep on walking." And as she gets to the end of the runway she high-fives Heidi. Why? Hey, Heidi, thanks for not noticing I was sprawled out in front of you. Gimme five! Carrie walks back all pleased with herself.

Carrie tells us that her act of bravery "inspired other people to acts of bravery as well." Miranda confronts CRUNCH guy about what happened, and he tells her that he thought that she was full of herself. She is fine with that, and leaves. Samantha orders a greasy burger and faces her fear of not looking perfect. The delivery guy sees Samantha's framed photo and tells her she has a nice ass. She tips him an extra twenty dollars. And Charlotte finally got a good look at "Rebecca" in a hand mirror and liked what she saw. Aw, a happy ending for everyone!

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