Sex and the City
They Shoot Single People, Don't They?

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Single and loving it (not)

He stops at the newsstand for smokes. After he asks if she wants anything, she grabs his face and kisses him like she's sucking a lemon. He's all, I'll be right back. She flips down the mirror and looks okay, but feels great. She's still desirable! She won't end up alone! Then, he slaps the magazine cover with her face on it onto the windshield and her world comes crashing down for the tenth time that night. She realizes in VO format that if she fucks this guy, it'll be to "validate her life" -- unlike all those other times when it was about getting her rocks off, I hope. She says she has to go, girl, and walks right on out of his convertible Porsche. Good for her. If she still needs to get her rocks off, she has batteries for that.

Char and her actor/fix-it guy are on the same page: he's going to take the job in Salt Lake City, and she can't fake intimacy. Carrie's VO says, "It was a perfectly timed double-fake." The saxophone blows sultrily. Hee.

Mir blows off her naked eye doctor. Sam tosses a drink in her salsa club guy's face. Char learns that you can hire a guy to fix things around the house, and Carrie "gets recycled" and has a glass of wine -- alone. All by herself. "No faking."

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Sex and the City




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