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Time And Punishment

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Oh, forget it!

CIM and Carrie are in bed having sex while she keeps her bra on, and she tells us that once they got back together, “it seemed like nothing had happened to break us apart.” Until the phone rings and the machine picks it up, and Big leaves a smarmy message telling Carrie that he's back in town and to give him a call. Carrie doesn’t know what to say, and CIM just keeps going at it like he didn’t care about the call.

Carrie and the girls are having breakfast, and she tells them about the Big call. They ask her what happened after Big left the message, and she tells them they “kept making love,” which impresses the girls, and Samantha tells her, “Honey, he’s a keeper!” Because a relationship is all about keeping a dick hard. Charlotte asks if they talked about it after they finished up, but Carrie tells her they just went to sleep, and in the morning she found CIM sleeping on the other side of the bed, which upsets her because they usually sleep snuggled up together and she gets “in his little nook.” Now she's worried that CIM will think that every time the phone rings, it's Big looking to “start affair number two,” and she comes to the conclusion that they can’t start fresh and she has to talk to CIM about Big. Samantha tells her, “No one wants to hear about their lovers' past lovers. What happened was in the past. Leave it there.” Except for when their lover’s past lover was also a current lover at the same time. Their breakfasts are served, and Charlotte changes the subject. She tells them that she's going to quit working, which stuns the girls. Charlotte defensively announces that she has been driving herself crazy decorating the apartment and trying to get pregnant, and she wonders what the gallery has done for her lately, and Trey suggested she quit. Miranda gets all annoyed that Trey wanted Charlotte to quit, and Carrie reminds Charlotte that she loves her job. Charlotte agrees, but feels there is so much more she can do with her life, like be a mother, take cooking classes, volunteer at Trey’s hospital raising money for the pediatric AIDS wing, and glaze bowls at the Color Me Mine pottery place. Carrie thinks the cooking classes and AIDS fundraising are good, but tells Charlotte that if she saw her at Color Me Mine glazing a bowl, she would ignore her. Samantha and Miranda just look down at their food and smirk. Charlotte then tells them again that she is quitting, but not very convincingly.

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