Sex and the City
To Market, To Market

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To Market, To Market

Carrie goes around the corner and sees the movie theater. The movie she and Berger are going to see is starting soon. So, she calls him and asks him to get together right now, with her all looking like shit and stuff. Berger is all, "Hey! That's so weird, I'm right in that neighborhood!" Must be fate! Must be. Berger walks up and says, "This blows!" Because he had a special outfit picked out, too. But no matter. Carrie already bought the tickets, so he's buying the popcorn and candy. Does she like candy? Good, because Berger is the candy-man. "Sammy Davis has nothing on me!" Carrie is surprised that he doesn't even need the "Jr." Aww -- they're dating cute, and while casually dressed. That is so fucking right now. Then they go through the revolving door, and Carrie screams. Yeow! Her VO gets super-saccharine and says, "At the close of Wall Street that day, the NASDAQ was down, but amazingly, our stock was still up."

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