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The House Fiona Built

Debs takes V on a drive out to Lake Forest to spy on this mysterious Candace that texts Steve, but doesn't tell her they're on a Steve Recon until they're sitting outside the house, where is parked a girly car with whorish vanity plates reading "D-Lish." Veronica finally asks Debbie why she's so focused on this and Debbie explains, "Fiona takes care of everyone, but no one takes care of Fiona," and that even though Fiona is probably weirded out about Candace, she's still too proud to do anything: "So we have to." Veronica notices that Debbie is awesome.

And yes, Fiona is starting to feel a little desperate about the Candace thing, because Steve seeming to be perfect and then turning out to be imperfect is all her nightmares coming true at once. It would be cruel, really, if he tempted her out into the world and then ended up proving her right about everything; this has become the new Worst Thing that could happen and thus she thinks of little else. She tries to draw him out in conversation; he is slippier than usual. Finally, she decides they'll just dance as long as they can, and pulls him out onto the floor.

Lip borrows some cash from Ian so he can take his non-girlfriend Karen to Florence + The Machine; when Ian says it's getting serious he plays it off: "She's my best friend, okay? You know I'd never spend that kind of cash on a girl anyway." It is sad, Lip and Karen are so close to figuring life out and it's nerve-wracking; Lip is amazing. I think the character would be this complex and wonderful on paper regardless, but the actor really does make you think through the meaning of every word in that whole line.

Next door, little Ethel prays: "God bless Jonah, my sweet baby boy, and God bless my husband, Clyde. May those who are caring for him remind him to take his blood pressure supplement and his glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, so that he can bend down to pick up our child. And God bless the other wives, who are probably on their knees right now asking you to bless me."

Tomorrow is the big visit with Jonah, about which Kev could not be more excited because A) It will cheer Ethel up and distract her from her campaign of being constantly weird, and B) Kev loves babies and there will be more babies in the house and maybe they will just keep backing the truck up and unloading babies until Kev has all the babies. Veronica pulls out earplugs for Ethel so they can fuck; Kev assumed she was going to jam them in his ass because 90% of this show is stuff going up dudes' asses.

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