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The House Fiona Built

Fiona: "Hey, what do you think of Steve?"
Lip: "Ass is kind of small. Not really my type." (Looking closer.) "You about to retreat and count your wounded?"

Fiona just wants to know if she should trust him; Lip shakes his head at her. "That's like asking if you should believe in God." Good answer, Phillip Gallagher. And once again, you think about that one harder and for longer than you normally would, because of the way he says it. He's got this gift with inflection.

It is difficult to describe the next scene, in which Kev and V and Ethel are visited by this person, just this vision really, of a big white girl who talks like a big black girl. I mean like exactly. And so everything she says is amazing, and the more and more Veronica hates her is amazing, and the scene goes on and on and just keeps getting funnier and funnier and I'll be damned if I can figure out how they did it.

Because you got this very specific-looking white girl, doing a very specific government-employee black girl voice, which in any other situation would be the whole of the joke and not a very good one; like, consider if Frank ran into this person how not-that-funny it would be. And then bring that into Veronica's house, and I can see it just being screamingly awkward, but instead it's just loveable and funny.

Bobby Moynihan did this character a couple times his first year on SNL, a quasi-gay weirdo bartender with delusions of grandeur, that I absolutely loved -- and has now swallowed into his Snooki impression -- which sort of approximates this, but that's not it either. And the dialogue has a few totally hot spots ("Is your voice dressed up for Halloween?") and that's part of it, but not the whole thing. I just can't stop watching this scene over and over.

Anyway, the upshot is that Kev may be able to convince the CPS/DCFS lady to place Jonah with his mother Ethel, who his already placed with them, so they'll be like grandparents in a way, and Kev looooves this idea and Veronica does not totally hate the idea, because possibly Kevin has never been cuter than at this exact moment.

Sheila's having a super-awkward time with the Promisemakers or Bible Study or whatever, they're like telling her "jokingly" to shine their shoes since she's taken them away anyway, and before Eddie comes down she just flies off the handle and starts quoting Robert Frost at them, and Frank show up, strips off his vomitty piss jeans in the kitchen, totally disgusting, bathes in the sink, nonstop yammering, and she just shrieks in these peals of nervous laughter and it's hard to watch from any angle at all. Especially knowing that this is the least stressful thing she's going to be dealing with in this episode.

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