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The House Fiona Built

Debbie runs around Fiona's new house -- Which, isn't that the house between Veronica's house and Ginger's? Didn't they say something early on about how they're technically neighbors because the person between them is gone or dead or something? -- and just about falls back in love with Steve before she catches herself and demands not only a "really cool pink vest" (it is, in all fairness, totally cool), but a new rolling pin and flour sifter for her baking lessons with Sheila, in order to keep quiet. He shakes his head, not hugely surprised considering Debbie is a known grifter, and then she goes back to running around, up the wooden hill, peering into closets: "Which room'll be mine when I sleep over?"

Eddie: "Lip's going out with somebody else tonight? Good, that will cut down on the percentage of today that you're a total whore."
Karen: "Fuck off."
Eddie: "I just love you so much, even though you're a disgusting tramp, I want to things with you like we used to. Before you turned into a cocksucking hooker."
Karen: "Fuck. Off."
Eddie: "Sweetie, why won't you talk to me? Can't we at least talk about what a slut you are? I just love you so much and I want to connect. Like for example about how you're a whore."
Karen: "Can you actually fucking hear yourself?"

Eddie: "Get in my time machine and go with me to a Purity Ball to when you were still a virgin. Jesus is magic and will make that happen. And then my whole life will be perfect again!"
Karen: "What do any of those things have to do with each other? Why does your self-obsessed vision of yourself require me at all, and why does putting that into action mean being as absolutely insulting as possible?"
Eddie: "Just stand still while I talk to you about how disgusting you are! This is so disrespectful."
Karen: "Seriously, dude. I fired you as my dad like months ago. Why are you bothering me at all?"
Eddie: "I'll give you the car!"
Karen: "I am listening."

(Lip drives the follow car for Steve, an act which will surely have consequences.)

Frank lies in wait outside the grocery store, drinking a pint in the parking lot and looking grizzled and uriney. Eventually a big monster truck pulls up and Monica gets out of it. She is quite the farewell-drugs casting coup, being played by Nancy Spungen, who is looking remarkably unburnt-up. Also, Monica is wearing pink faux-fur, and kissing a big butch lady named Bob.

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