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The House Fiona Built

Debbie: "Jimmy."
Steve: (Sighs; produces gifts.)
Debbie: "Peace offering implies a one-time thing. This could take a while. Till I'm sure that you're not still lying."
Steve: "They're releasing my dad from the hospital. I'm gonna pick him up, I'm gonna take him home. You know everything there is to know. No more secrets. I promise."

Debbie, inspecting her merchandise, still can't pull off any of this. It is not her fault, because annoying precocious kids should have been abolished from TV years back, and this is dialogue that, while clever and all, no actor should be forced to contend with. Precocious children are another lie grownups tell themselves: Just small adults. "Children are resilient."

"Sifter sifts. Rolling pin rolls. Nice when things do what they say they will, Jimmy."

Put any actress in clothes this ugly and unwearable, for example, and people will start asking what she did to piss off Wardrobe. It would be funny if it worked -- this idea that the world is Debbie's noir movie and we're all just living in it -- but in the end all you're doing is setting up a promising young naturalistic actress to fail. And getting on everybody else's nerves at the same time.

Grocery Store Guy: "I have neither $100 nor have I a teddy bear for you."
Bob The Lesbian: "[Lesbian stuff!]"
Monica: "[Nancy Spungen stuff.]"
Bob: "Monica, was this even the right store?"
Monica: "Stop talking down to me like I'm stupid! And unreliable."

Monica spots Frank, who has lost his nerve now that giant scary Bob is in the picture, and there ensues a very long, very pleased-with-itself sequence of Kev's tiny beat-up pickup being chased by Bob's giant eighteen-wheeler cab, with very loud music and lots of Frank, as usual but especially in this episode, screaming incomprehensible demands when a short, rational explanation would do the trick. They head for Sheila's, where Debbie is getting her baking lesson.

Sheila: "I would say my advice to you would be to let Fiona live in her own relationship. You can't do it for her. Sometimes, sweetie, when people are in love they don't tell someone everything for a reason."
Debbie: "That's like lying."
Sheila: "No, sweetie it's just... A little editing. Now: The sifting. We separate and aerate those flour particles to make them absorb liquids better."
Debbie: "Someone should sift my dad."
Sheila: "Oh, you Gallaghers. You're all so funny!"
All Hell: (Breaks impressively loose.)

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