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Loser Goes to Gitmo

In all the chaos and annoying "this is a diverting caper" music, Veronica flies Casey around the kitchen in his new Superman suit, and it's cute. But not as cute as Sheila coming out of the kitchen with her probably fiftieth pan of muffins and then hovering around the room whining in an almost inaudible pitch because she doesn't have anyplace to set them down. This constitutes, for Sheila, an emergency; of course Frank's just like, "Stop making muffins?" Sheila can't stop making muffins. She needs surfaces, Frank. Places to put the muffins. Why can't he understand the unmitigated madness inside her head? It's so adorable!

Well, and then upstairs Frank is peeing and farting and then who's in the bathtub? Karen, with her teen nipples all over the place, asking him to hand her a towel and making him just hellishly uncomfortable -- in a very offhand, awesome way -- to the point where he runs out into the yard screaming CASEEEEY!

This is the point where Kev goes into work early and delivers the following speech: "Gosh, you know what? I am feeling nostalgic today. Did you hear what I said? Said I was feeling nostalgic." Nothing. "Well, I'm glad you asked. I was walking to work, and I saw this cute little kid wearing a Superman costume. You know, with the cape and everything? Takes you back. He was a cute kid." Nothing. "Yeah, Superman costume. Cute little kid. A little kid in a Superman costume? Superman costume. Sandy hair." Finally Jess the barmaid is like, "That's that little boy, we gotta call that in!" And Kev's joy at finally getting it done, it's actually really cute. "Yes we do!"

Later Veronica's mom shows up at the Alibi with her coworkers in tow, and Kev is super sweet to her, and then these skanks are hitting on Kev and he's trying to be nice about it, but then Frank comes in and is gross all over the place, you know.

Back home, the water heater is gone -- "Bunch of fucking animals," Lip grouses without a hint of irony -- and then, I don't know. Everybody runs around some more. They discuss how Debbie shows no remorse, and then lie about how really she does feel bad, and then they talk about how she can't lie, and then lie about how really she can, and Fiona's just like, "We are all going to jail. All of us."

Waiting around for the big rendezvous/drop-off, Steve talks to Debbie for awhile on the Bluetooth about how doctors and lawyers and nurses are great liars because they have to be, because they're helping people. "Like, a doctor wouldn't tell a sick patient Too bad, you're gonna die. He would say, We're doing everything we can, wouldn't he? So, pretend you're being a doctor today, and tell a doctor's kind of lie. Can you be a doctor for me?" Steve, of course, hits it right on the head immediately: "Can I be a nurse?" That's my girl, he smiles. And it's like, all she does is take care of people -- you really need Steve to come in and explain that? Maybe you need Steve after all.

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