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Loser Goes to Gitmo

Finally Debbie gets him back to the family, and triumphant "rock" music starts playing, like in a bad TV movie where they clean up the community center, just awful, and the dad of Casey just freaks out and starts tossing bills from his wallet in Debbie's face. So then there's weird stop-motion to go with the fifty other annoying editing things of this episode -- honestly, it's like somebody fell over in an editing bay and pushed every button on their way down, the whole fucking time it's like this -- of Fiona and Debbie with the money falling like snow.

Frank runs and starts scrabbling at all the money, which is like 700 something bucks, and Ian and Lip come and stand by him on his knees to remind him that it's Deb's reward. And, because they know him, each of them stands on one of his hands. And it is excellent, and since I was bitching about the direction anyway I will say that this part is awesome because it never goes up to their faces, just these angry boy feet on his hands, until he spits "All right. I am your father." That little shot actually looked like this show. In fact, it's all this beautifully shot show from here on out, I think. The heist is over. Tony arrives to take Deb for her statement, which makes Fiona nervous even though he's being a mensch as usual, and Debbie's like, "Nurse Debbie can handle this."

Kev and Carol are well into it, marvelously acted and likeable despite being piss drunk, and she's telling him drunk talks about how V has never loved anybody as much as Kev, including her father, and whatever, it takes a while because they're slurring but it's also really fun to watch. And when Carol passes out, Kev's got just enough light in him to run home screaming for Veronica, and ask her to marry him for real. It's pretty sweet, because he's totally smashed and she's looking at him like a fool, but she knows she'd say yes either way so there's no reason to say no now, just to say yes later when he's sobered up.

I mean, unless there were a terrible dark reason they shouldn't be wed, or Kev got cold feet or something. In which case her immediate yes would be not only trashy, which it is anyway because these people are gross, but also sad. You think this story's about Kev, and of course it is, but the very real danger is actually for Veronica, because she's more of a Gallagher than he is. Also more of a character. Also better in every way.

"I first saw him on Southport," says Nurse Debbie in the interrogation room. Or I guess whatever you call it, since she's not being interrogated. Either way, she's being quite the little actress (despite the random jump-cuts) and it's almost as fun watching her pull this thing off as it is watching Fiona's jaw drop at the sheer sociopath nature of her sister. "He caught my eye, because my baby brother Liam loves Superman."

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